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Recent News




Hongshen won the 1st prize for Graduate Student Poster at GOMD conference with the title “Effect of Surface Intial Condition in Aqueous Corrosion” in San Antonio, TX, May 2018









Jiawei defended his PhD thesis of “shear-induced hydrolysis reactions on soda lime silica glass: effect and characterization development of surface chemical structures.” Congratulations! ¬†October 2017.







Nisha gave a talk of “A surface science perspective of the usable strength of glass” at the MS&T conference in Pittsburge, PA, October 2017.








Inseok gave a poster presentation entitled “Design of New Piezoelectric Composites Using Nanocellulose” on Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) Mid-Atlantic Student Research Day in Arlington, VA, September 2017.