Student Showcase

This exciting event features Penn State Altoona students from various disciplines showcasing their work through presentations to the business community. It’s an opportunity for the community to see firsthand the fine work and talent at Penn State Altoona, while building the students’ communication and networking skills. This event brings students and community members together to build lasting relationships.

Students will present in the areas of business, electro-mechanical engineering technology, rail transportation engineering, security and risk analysis, and nursing.  The Pechter Business Plan Competition will also take place.

Fall 2018 Student Showcase

Friday, December 7, 2018
8:45 a.m. — 2:30 p.m.
Devorris Downtown Center, 1431 – 12th Avenue | Altoona, PA

1:30 – 4:00 p.m.
EMET Project Demonstrations
Force Advanced Technology Center, Ivyside Campus


Time Event



8:45 a.m.

Dr. Jungwoo Ryoo
Head of the Division of Business, Engineering, and Information Sciences and Technology
Penn State AltoonaRemarks
Mr. George Sidney, Jr.
President and Chief Operating Officer
McLanahan Corporation
9:00 – 10:20 a.m. Presentations
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10:20 – 10:40 a.m. Break
10:40 a.m. – noon Presentations
Noon – 12:40 p.m. Networking Lunch at Heritage Discovery Center
A networking lunch provided for students, business leaders, community members, faculty, and guests in Altoona Heritage Discovery Center
12:40 p.m. Presentations
1:00 – 2:20 p.m. Business Internship Poster Presentation
Penn Building, Floor 3
 1:30 – 4:00 p.m. Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology Project Demonstrations
Ralph and Helen Force Advanced Technology Center, Ivyside campus

Business Internship and Research Poster Presentations

Penn Building, Floor 3 | 1:00 – 2:20 p.m.
Ms. Cynthia Wood, faculty advisory for business internships

  • Chakravarthi Akula
    Novadoz Pharmaceuticals, part of the MSN labs group
  • Daniel Aslanian
    Canadian National Railway Company, Homewood Campus
  • Andrew Bartos
    Shoe Fly, Inc.
  • Dayqon Davis
    Keystone Connect
  • Daniel Downs
    Philly Pretzel Factory
  • Ryan Dry
    GoggleWorks Center for the Arts
  • Carroll Giese
    Complete House Cleaning
  • Joshua Harmon
    Leader Slaughterhouse LLC
  • Brad Humski
    Altria Distribution Group
  • Megan King
    Ameriprise Financial
  • Christopher Kuhn
    Refuge Youth Network
  • Shane Mulhern
    Ross’s SHOP ‘n SAVE
  • Minh Nguyen
    Survival Mindset
  • Chris Partsch
    Precision Prototype Products
  • Makayla Plants
    Sam’s Club
  • KayLee Rhodes
    Huntingdon County Visitors Bureau
  • Alexis Ritchey
    Curry Supply Co.
  • James Ritter
    Sheetz Inc.
  • Mackenzie Roof
    Northern Tier Regional Planning and Development Committee
  • Catherine Rossman
    Arrow Land Solutions
  • Jordyn Swogger
    Pyramid Healthcare
  • Rachel Turnbaugh
    New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co., Inc.
  • Erinma Uche
    Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical
  • Nathan Vinglas
    National Park Service
  • Hannah Weyandt
    My Hometown Realty, LLC

Rail Transportation Engineering Presentation

Penn Building, Classroom 321

Time Event
10:00 a.m. Luiz Claudio De Souza Almeida
Design Analysis for Short Passenger Line in Centre CountyBased on the literature findings and the previous Senior Capstone project results regarding the need for a railroad line connecting State College to other locations within Centre County, this project aims to perform a design analysis of developing a passenger rail line between Altoona and State College. The scope of the project covers a preliminary route selection, followed by rail alignment and track design utilizing the AREMA Standards and a number of engineering design software applications, such as Microstation and Vampire. In addition, subgrade soil conditions are evaluated for its suitability of carrying expected loads and traffic, followed by material selections based on the loads, mechanical properties, ease of installation and price criteria. The final reports will document all major design decisions as well as the analysis details. This project will demonstrate the student’s capability of utilizing the knowledge learned at the Rail Transportation Engineering program and implementing them in a practical engineering design problem.
Advisor: Dr. Shihui Shen

Senior EMET Project Presentations

Devorris Auditorium

Time Event
9:00 a.m. Joshua Fike, Elijah Fisher, and Zachary Harter
The Ultimate Smoker
All your food smoking desires are “cured” here. The Ultimate Smoker has the capability to smoke an entire pig up to 150 pounds or 8 whole racks of ribs at one time on a rotisserie and is also equipped with a rack to place things such as baked beans to catch all flavorful drippings from your food. The Ultimate Smoker is built for the cheese connoisseur as it can also be used to cold smoke.
Advisor: Mr. Craig Brennecke
9:20 a.m. James Conway, Coltin Ebersole, and Johnathan Wilkinson
The Beverage Bot
This is a GPS enabled cooler that will follow you anywhere. It will bring your tailgating experience to the next level, all you have to do is download an app and go.
Advisor: Mr. Craig Brennecke
9:40 a.m. Christopher Fulare and John Taddei
Smart Dummy
Maneuverable, fast, rebounding, motor-driven tackling dummy. Unique route designs created by an indoor navigation system makes our dummy ideal for football drills.
Advisory: Mr. Craig Brennecke
10:00 a.m. Frank Savino
Electric Pedal Assist Bicycle
Retrofitting of an electric motor, sensor, and controller to a standard bicycle to provide pedaling assistance to a rider. System is activated by the rider to assist in difficult pedaling situations and maintain current speed.
Advisor: Mr. Craig Brennecke
10:20 a.m. BREAK
10:40 a.m. Nicholas Lingafelt and Dylan Olsick
Automated Filling Machine
A fully automated machine that fills and seals 1-gallon containers.
Advisor: Mr. Craig Brennecke
11:00 a.m. Christopher Michaelis and William Taylor
Drone Delivery
An autonomous drone to transport small packages with the option to be controlled via RC, such as medical supplies, etc…
Advisor: Mr. Craig Brennecke
11:20 a.m. Ryan Crosby and Justin Saive
Blue Horizon II
A weather balloon that has a payload of small sensors and a tracking system that relay and store information during flight.
Advisor: Ms. Jordan Bittner
11:40 a.m. Januario Mendes
Bell Prover
A Bell Prover is a standard gas calibration device used to measure a displaced volume of gas at a constant pressure.
Advisor: Dr. Chris Martin
1:30 p.m. Project Demonstrations
Ralph and Helen Force Advanced Technology Center, Ivyside campus

Security and Risk Analysis Internship/Capstone Project Presentations

Devorris Building, Classroom 1

Time Event
9:00 a.m. Justin Easter
Internship with Omni Bedford Springs Resort and Spa Providing IT related support in a resort environment.
Advisor: Mr. David Barnes
9:20 a.m. Charles Kovalchik, Steven Palmucci, and Vaibhav Patel
Need of Compliance for IoT (Internet of Things) The goal of this research project is to discuss why compliance is critical for IoT devices.
Advisor: Dr. Syed Rizvi

9:40 a.m.




10:00 a.m.

Jarrett Imler, Luke Ritchey, and Michael Tokar
Securing PKES Against Relay Attacks: Using Coordinate Tracing and Multi-Factor Authentication The goal of this research project is to develop Passive Keyless entry and Start System (PKES) for CAR networks.
Advisor: Dr. Syed RizviNicholas McIntyre, Ryan Pipetti, and Jonathan Todd
An Attack Vector for IoT Networks.  Our research analyzes critical devices and the associated vulnerabilities, and highlights the need for implementation of rigorous security controls in IoTnetwork.
Advisor: Dr. Syed Rizvi

Second Degree Nursing: Fulfilling Our Future

Aaron Building, Classroom 6

Time Event
11:20 a.m. Kelly Bange, Lara Dolphin and Nicole Koontz
Penn State Altoona’s Second Degree Nursing Program, opportunities available and student experiences in an accelerated BSN program.
Advisor: Dr. Suzanne Kuhn

Pechter BUsiness Plan Competition Presentations

Devorris Building, Classroom 3
Coordinator: Mr. Paul Cooney

Time Event
9:00 – 9:20 Jason Dolansky, Taylor Leach, Chad Miller, Stanislav Pinchuk, and Bradley Vitt
The Independence
The Independence is a remote control function module for power wheelchairs. The product will bypass the usual control functions that exist in a power wheelchair, allowing users to wirelessly control the motion of the chair.
9:40 – 10:00 Alex Skowronek
Skowronek all-in-one Jacket
The Skowronek all-in-one Jacket is currently being designed to be a unique jacket targeted at snowboarders and skiers.
11:40 – 12:00 Matt Pettinato
WithU App (One-Click, LLC)
The WithU App is a mobile campus safety app for college students that provides a direct connection between the user and the Campus Police.