Caleb Bowser

Caleb BowserRaised in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, from a young age Caleb was enveloped by entrepreneurs and business professionals.  One set of grandparents owned a major road construction firm and stone quarries, while his other grandparents were a railroad executive and a leading real estate & telecommunications developer.  Needless to say, business was an integral part of his childhood.

Upon graduating from Hollidaysburg Senior High School, Caleb knew he was destined to go to Penn State. While attending Penn State Altoona, he had the incredible opportunity to become part of the Sheetz Fellowship Program.  Although growing up in a multitude of family businesses, the Fellows Program allowed Caleb to realize that he wanted to create his own path.  With all of the connections the program gave him, none was more vital than his mentorship with Amy Seltzer, owner of Seltzer Financial Strategies.  This mentorship allowed him to cement his future in the financial services industry.

Today, Caleb is employed as an Estate & Trust Investment Advisor at PNC Investment headquarters in Downtown Pittsburgh.  As one of only two Estate & Trust Advisors at PNC, he provides specialized investment guidance and management services to clientele all over the country.  In his spare time, Caleb enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, volunteering and training his German Shepherd puppy, Agera.  Also, he is continually involved with Penn State Altoona serving on the Alumni Board, Business Advisory Council and the Sheetz Center Advisory Board.  Never at a loss for entrepreneurial spirit, Caleb is always looking to create that next business idea.