How Do Steroids Work?

I was lying in my bed watching a baseball game when one of the announcers mentioned one of the players tested positive for Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and that got me thinking.  I’ve always wondered what steroids do that make your muscles grow the way they do.  Anabolic steroids are synthetic derivates of the naturally produce hormone testosterone.  They promote the growth of muscle and the typical characteristics a male experiences in puberty.

We create tiny tears in our micro-fibers when we left weights heavier than we are supposed to.  What your body does to counter-act that is that it repairs the tear and adds bigger cells in hopes to build a stronger fiber so that they won’t tear the next time.  This process is called muscular hypertrophy.  This process is how muscles are built.  Testosterone is the body’s main ingredient for this.  Anabolic steroid can be used as a substitute supplement however.
Once ingested, the steroid travels through the bloodstream to the muscle tissue.  It is then drawn into the androgen receptor.  It then interacts with the cells DNA to promote cell growth. Most people use injections rather than an oral tablet.  The injection goes straight into the blood stream rather than through other organs as shown in the picture below.

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    Jason, this a very interesting topic to talk about since men and younger boys think that bigger muscles are more attractive to girls as well as other athletes. I think that sports would be a lot more competitive and more people would get hurt if athletes were allowed to use steroids due to the fact of increased growth hormones present. I think that boys should just embrace their body and accept the “wimpy” body they were given and play sports fairly.


    I think its irrelevant if there is no proven evidence that it enhances their athletic ability. If the rules clearly state you cannot use HGH, as they do and it is punishable by ban or suspension then take the rules for what they are. You either use them or you don’t and you accept the punish that goes with them.


    A great argument about human growth hormones has come up a few times over the past few years about whether taking human growth hormones is actually cheating. According to Charles Yesalis, a Penn State professor of human health and development, there has been only minimal research on the effects of HGH. He said, “Researching its effect on athletes has been difficult because most take the drugs in secret and rely on “gym lore” for dosage recommendations.” Do you think people should be banned or suspended from their respective sports for taking a drug that has not been proven to enhanced their athletic ability?


    I have also researched steroids and human growth hormone, and found out many facts. There are no reported deaths from steroids and I watched a great documentary on it.

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