Plans for Second Semester Blogging

Passion Blog:

Last semester, my passion blog was on music. I wrote about how music affects our mood, what type of music different people tend to be inclined to listen to, and I often reviewed music or shared some of my favorites. While I love music, I found that my inspiration to write these posts was declining. Towards the end of the semester especially, I had difficulties thinking of interesting posts to write. Therefore, I am going to have a passion blog on a completely different topic this semester. I am thinking about making a Fencing Blog. I could include reports on how I felt at practice, what I can improve upon, and reflect on what I am doing successfully. I can also write out any goals that I have. I believe that this will help me in ameliorating my technique and mentality, as well as to acknowledge and celebrate my successes. Since fencing is not a common sport and few people who aren’t fencers themselves are interested in the sport, I am thinking about also including general fitness tips and tricks.

Civic Issues Blog:

I will be focusing on Education. I often think that high school education should be reformed in many ways, and would love to express my thoughts on issues I see in the education system. I also would like to become more informed on why the US ranks so low in testing scores in comparison to other countries, and what could be done educationally to improve our ranking. Having lived in a different country and several states, I can write about how my educational experiences in different areas compare to each other.

This I believe:

I want to make my podcast very ‘real’. I want it to reveal my personality and have a deep message. I strongly believe in sharing my opinion and not being afraid of intervening, especially when something you deem wrong is occurring. Too many times, people let others say or do awful things because they are afraid they will be judged if they speak out. With this topic, I run the risk of my podcast being cliché. In order to avoid that, I will try to make it as genuine as possible, with specific examples and an effective flow. If I find that I am having a hard time putting a story together for this topic, I may choose to speak about self-reflection instead.

One thought on “Plans for Second Semester Blogging”

  1. Passion Blog: I think this is a smart plan. I was leaning towards changing my blog as well, but decided against that. I like how you are thinking of incorporating tips about fencing. Fencing is a very unique sport; by sharing your experiences and ideas about the sport I think it will tailor to a large audience especially people interested in this sport.

    Civic Issues Blog: This is a very good idea. High school education, especially public school I found to be repetitive and at times unnecessary. Many people in other countries want to be educated, and I feel we take advantage of education in America. I think you can take this topic in a lot of different directions. Clearly, you have experienced living in other countries, therefore, I think this will strengthen your blog because you have an understanding of different educational systems.

    This I believe topic: I agree with the part of avoiding being cliché about the topic. If you add in self-reflection and personal experiences I think it will generate an interesting podcast. I also think your part of being “real” and genuine will come alive in your tone, and the way you construct the piece. I think this topic is agreed upon by the majority of the public. I am interested to see what you come up with when writing the essay.

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