Attached is a research paper that our teacher: Yan Xi, our current Treasurer: Jesse Scott,  and current President: David Nguyen; have all helped in its creation. The research uses motion capture to measure the physics involved while performing the standard Taiji 24-form. They have also aided in creating an algorithm that quantitatively compares Taiji practitioners of various skill levels.  The paper was even presented by Yan Xi at ICCV 2017 in Venice, Italy. We hope this deepens your understanding in Taiji.


Fall 2017 Practice Schedule

The Fall 2017 practices are scheduled Mondays and Wednesdays from 7:00pm to 9:00pm in 007 Intramural Building!

No prior experience is needed, just comfortable clothing/footwear, some water, and a complete participation waiver!

Complete the online Participation Waiver and email taiji@psu.edu with your full name, PSU email, and phone number

Participation Waiver Instructions – https://sites.psu.edu/clubsports/files/2014/06/Registration-Process-17-18-27a0ft7.pdf