“Love is Louder than the Pressure to be Perfect”

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The topic of this week’s blog post is something pretty serious: Eating Disorders and Body Issues.

Earlier this week; Lady Gaga posted pictures of herself in her bikini in response to rumors that she had gained a large amount of weight. The caption with the photos was, “Bulimia and anorexia since I was 15”. This revelation opened up a torrent of responses with fans posting photos on Gaga’s website of body parts that they feel insecure about.  Now if you visit the website littlemonsters.com you can see a multitude of random people from a variety of walks of life and ages displaying their vulnerability through these photos.

Lady Gaga is known for her crazy antics but this might just be the sanest thing that she’s ever done. Through her website and personal experiences she has revealed a commonplace of young people who are navigating the same struggles that she has had since the age of 15. This “body revolution” of Gaga’s brings into question many disturbing aspects of the world that we are surrounded by. Recently the pop star was hounded for her weight by tabloids and paparazzi. Even now, her weight is still a hot topic that generates money for the media.  It seems that there is so much focus put on not only celebrities but young women in general. It’s hard to be surrounded by images of beautiful supermodels and not be affected in some way; now we know that not even pop stars are immune to this feeling.

What do you all think of Lady Gaga’s revelation? Is it a way to get people to open up about their insecurities or is it just a publicity stunt?


  1. I heard about this on Facebook but did not actually know the full story. I do believe Gaga has good intentions but it is hard not to question her motives. Everything that celebrities do has to go through a team of Public Relations people. But, I would really like to be positive and hope that she is doing this only for her fans wellbeing. If that’s true, she is giving her fans who struggle/d with eating disorders a platform to voice their insecurities and hopefully start to heal. That is a lot more than most celebrities can say they have done for their fans!

  2. First off, great job integrating the concepts in class to your passion blog. You’re completely right; by Lady Gaga addressing her insecurities and body issues, she’s become more normal and relatable. Everyone has problems, everyone has issues but by everyone “displaying their vulnerability”, a connection is formed.
    Have you considered that Lady Gaga has her own community? Within her Little Monsters site, she’s formed a new opportunity for civic involvement. Even though it’s based in the interwebz, it spreads to music, her concerts, the way people live their lives, etc. Because they are part of this community, they are more secure about opening up to their problems.

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