Fall 2017 Issue


Our Fall 2017 Issue is now open for submissions!

Here’s our new Call for Papers:

Issue Title: Keepers of Collaboration: Upholding Civil Discourse in Writing Centers

What does collaboration mean to you? To your Writing Center? How do you define “discourse” in a tutorial? There are times where tutees and professors both might push against our approach to working with writers rather than solely working on papers: How does collaboration engage conversation and growth in ways that line-editing cannot?

Sometimes, that conversation and growth can be tough to navigate: as writing tutors, we sometimes encounter hostile papers, hostile students – maybe even moments our own beliefs, experiences or backgrounds are called into question. But a spirit of radical openness runs through the current of writing center work, and there are ways in which foundational parts of tutoring pedagogy enable us to be good listeners, good community members and good humans when we engage in challenging tutorials. The Dangling Modifier wants to know about times when you’ve felt challenged to grow during a tutorial, as well as times you needed to use your writing tutoring skills to navigate a controversial difficult moment in the Writing Center.

Writing tutoring, civil discourse and collaboration all share the core tenets of respect, listening, and engaging. What does it mean to be a Keeper of Collaboration? How can writing tutors use these skills to preserve and promote community in a tempestuous world?

Submissions are due no later than November 15, 2017.
For information on how to submit, check out our submission guidelines page!