Fall 2018 Issue

Fall 2018 CFP:
Power, Access, Privilege

Fall 2018
Volume 25:1

Hosted by Penn State University

Power, Access, and Privilege

Hello all:

For the Fall 2018 edition of The Dangling Modifier, as an inquiry into the ethics of the power dynamic of writing center tutorials, we invite you to submit works regarding the combination of “Power, Access, and Privilege.”


We ask you to write on the complex negotiations of power and privilege that take place within Writing Centers and Writing Center tutorials. We’re asking you to explore power as a changing dynamic that creates or takes away opportunities in tutorials. Differences in power, access, or privilege may create obstacles while tutoring, or can prevent chances to engage in open and honest discussions between tutor and tutee.


How do power, access, and/or privilege shape the tutee/tutor relationship, and how did that influence the outcome of the tutorial? When thinking about privilege, we aim to uncover the advantages available to certain groups of people based on their (perceived or actual) background or identity. Everyone who works in or visits the writing center, tutees and tutors included, embodies a different kind of privilege or lack of privilege — our lives are intersectional — whether it is visible or invisible. Consider what an invisible privilege or disadvantage looks like: various financial, religious, political, and educational backgrounds can manifest themselves in tutorials. How do/can writing centers handle these differences? What types of obstacles arise, if any, due to differences in privilege?


Writing is an inherently personal craft, and aspects of our lives always bleed into our work. Tutors have the opportunity to see into the life and mind of their tutees, and vice versa — and these differences and exchanges all change tutorials in remarkable ways. The discussion of power and privilege opens the door to understanding and celebrating our differences within the medium of writing. We invite you to share your experiences.


We are excited to read your responses!

*Note: We are open to multimodal submissions also: videos, art, etc.

Below are some questions for you to consider as you craft your essays.


  • What does power/privilege look like in the writing center? How can we theorize the negotiations between writers and tutors?
  • What are the power dynamics that exist between tutor and tutee? What actionable, visible dynamics exist that shape sessions? What about invisible dynamics?
  • How do power and privilege work together in the writing center?
  • How is privilege visible or invisible in the writing center?
  • How are disadvantages visible or invisible in the writing center?
  • What can the tutee do to recognize and break down power and privilege in the writing center?


Submissions are Due November 12.

Revision process will take place between November 12 and December 10, with the Fall Edition going live in early Spring 2019.