Spring 2017 Issue: Fact, Fiction, Fairytales and Fantasy

They Came By Water, by Shaun Tan

Spring 2017 Issue:
Fact, Fiction, Fairytales and Fantasy


From Wittenberg University Writing Center Director, Dr. Michael P. Mattison

What happens when you blur the lines between fiction and reality in a writing center? Well, it seems you get a collection of essays like this—a wonderful grouping of pieces that combine narrative and analysis, alongside some Yoda-like wisdom on what it’s like to try and make sense of our work with writers. When we at Wittenberg put out our call for submissions, we hoped to interest a few people to write about the dragons they encountered in their centers; we found, though, more than a few. It was extremely rewarding to have the opportunity to read through so many fantastical submissions, and to work with the authors behind them. We thank all of them for contributing to this issue, and we thank the folks at Penn State for allowing us to take over for this past semester. We hope we did you proud.

Spring 2017 Editorial Staff:

Meaghan Summers
Maria Symons
Madelyn DeVore
Sophie Hulen


The Behemoth Lingering Outside Our Walls: New Media
by Ashley Vernola

A Degree of Patience
by Jenny Amphaeris

The Writing Observatory
by DeanneMarie Fallucca

The Grammar Dragon
by Tessa Masula

Collaborating the Labyrinth
by K.S. Phillips

Here Be Dragons: A Discussion of Expectations Placed Upon Tutors Working Outside the Center
by Madison O’Connor

The Tutor With A Thousand Faces
by Morgan Parker

Yoda, I Am: My Role as a Writing Center Tutor
by Armand St. Pierre

Gandalf in the Writing Center: Drawing Parallels Through Fantasy
by Abigayel Bryce

Identifying Success in the Writing Center: A Tutor’s Perspective
by Nisheal Watson

Writers Block
by Arica Norzagaray

From Dragon Slayer to Kindly Wizard: Discoveries from a Tutor in Training
by Hannah Matuszak

A New Triumvirate: Tutor, Writer and Genius
by Isaac Hoffman

Knights of the Writing Center
by Anthony Keyes

The Incredible StuCos
by Jacqueline Lytle, Emalee Shrewsbury, Michaela Greer, Morgan Musgrove, and Samantha Epstein


The artwork on this page is created and copywritten by Shaun Tan, and is entitled “They Came By Water.”