Love… It’s a very delicate thing. It’s something that you can’t really control. It provokes you to do things you never thought you would do. It makes you forgive what should have never been acceptable in the first place….

Love can do you raw!

An unsuccessful lover has it really bad. After giving all of their love they are still left with just the hope that maybe next time things will be better. After a while this lover starts to think that maybe they should become like everyone else and be heartless. However, they hold on with all of their might to the good times that they once had in the past and hope that someone will come along and make all of their hurt go away.

Sometimes this hurt just sneaks up on a lover. There are no signs of predestine hurt, you know? Think about it the first day that you thought you met “the one” he or she was just that… “the one”. Yeah, maybe you caught feelings too quick but never in a million year did you thing that they were going to be the one who broke your heart. The first few months that you guys spend together was perfect. They continuously fought for your attention and love and you gave the same love in return. Then “something” happened; whether you said something or  something simply just changed – things really do have a tendency of changing right before our eyes.

Now you lay at night thinking was I too much? Did I call too much? Did I not call enough? Is there even anything wrong with me? After a few long nights of these endless thoughts you decide to just push them away and start over… Next time things will be better. You promise yourself not to shut out love while you also promise yourself not to fall to quick.

Then the cycle starts all over. You find someone else and you promise to take it slow. You repeat to yourself over and over “TAKE IT SLOW!!!” This one last for quite some time however just like every other relationship this one ends abruptly without any warning. This time you declare that you had enough… NO MORE LOVE! You decide to push aside the desire that burns so deep to be pursued. You know that you have every value to be good to someone but you decide to push that aside as well. Anyone who decides to show interest in you you push away with a fear of being hurt again.

Then comes this one particular person that not only do they show interest in you but you have interest in them. Now you are stuck with a decision. Do you let them in and let yourself love again? Or do you stay sheltered and maybe miss a chance of love?

This is the story of an unsuccessful lover. Remember love is kind and love can hurt so be careful who you make fall in love with you.

One thought on “The Life of an Unsuccessful Lover

  1. This was a very well-written post about a somewhat sensitive topic. Throughout the post, I found that I could relate to various things you mentioned. I like that you started the post by stating that love is “something that you can’t control.” Later in the post, it is interesting that you talk about trying to resist love, just to give into the uncontrollable urge that is love. I also like how you generalized the subject of the post as “the lover.” Overall, a very nicely written post that does a great job of appealing to the readers’ pathos.

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