Thank you for volunteering to be a Judge for the Regional Competition of National History Day! Without you there would be no competition!

Event Information

How Judging works

Prior to History Day

Janis Winter will provide you with information about which category you will be judging prior to history day so you have time to review the information.

Most categories will be judged on History Day by a group of at least two or more judges. Categories such as papers and websites can be judged prior to History Day as long as the judges are able to meet and assign the winners in advance. They will need to get Janis the judge sheets by noon on History Day.

On History Day

Regional Judging is held at Penn State Wilkes-Barre, Lehman, PA. Judges meet at 8am in Rm 105 on the first floor of Hayfield House.  Janis Winter will give a brief  orientation at the start of the morning and provide papers and pencils, judging sheets and logistical information about where judging will occur on campus. A complementary Breakfast (starting at 8am) and Lunch  (starting at 10:45am) are provided to the judges in Hayfield House Rm 105.
If you are judging papers or websites, please read / view the entries prior to History Day! They will be made a avalble to you after their submission date of March 3rd.

Before History Day please review the following relevant information

The NHD Judging Process

  • Learn about the general process of evaluating entries

NHD Theme Sheet

  • Look at the broad NHD theme students used to choose and analyse their topics.

Sample Questions

  • Judges should ask NHD students questions at competition.

NHD Rule Book

  • Please note that there are General Rules for all Categories and the Individual Category Rules.

Judge Instructions:

Please view the judge instructions for the category(s) you will be judging.

Judging sheets

  • If you want to look at the Judge sheets ahead of time, click on the Judging sheets link. This will bring you to the NHD website. The sheets are accessible though the “click here” link under  “National History Day offers standards-based evaluation guides for you to use or adapt to your class. They will be given to you on History Day.” Judging sheet will be provided for you on History Day

Previous National History Day Winners

  • These are to give you an idea what you’re looking for in an entry. Please keep in mind that these examples are from National winners, not regional.

Citation Styles

  • History Day projects can be cited with MLA or Turabian.


History Day takes plagiarism very seriously. Be sure to check for plagiarism as part of your judging process, just as you would check for a title and bibliography. You can easy plug a sentence from the project into Google to see if it was pulled from somewhere.

Interested in being a History Day Judge or have a question? Contact Janis Winter, jrw4@psu.edu, 570-675-9232, Penn State Wilkes-Barre, P.O. Box PSU, Lehman, PA 18627