Congratulations! You’ve made it to the First Round!

General Information

  • Schedule for the Day

8:00am—8:45am Check in.

Performances and Documentaries: Bell Center for Technology

Exhibits: Athletic & Recreation Building (ARB)

Light Breakfast available for purchase in the Hickory Cafe (Students Commons)

9:00am Judging Begins

Performance Jr Group-Academic Commons 103

Performance Sr. Group- Science Center 101

Performance Jr Individual- Academic Commons 107

Performance Sr. Individual -Academic Commons 107

Documentary Jr Group-Bell Center for Technology 24

Documentary Sr. Group- Bell Center for Technology 101

Documentary Jr Individual- Bell Center for Technology 24

Documentary Sr. Individual – Bell Center for Technology 14

All Exhibits- Athletic Recreation Bldg. gym

All Papers- Athletic Recreation Bldg. gym

All Websites- Athletic Recreation Bldg. gym

 Noon Lunch available for purchase in Hickory Café 

 (Students Commons)

1:00pm The Stuff of History: Artifacts from the Archives. 

 Gym in the Athletic & Recreation Building (ARB)

2:00pm  Wilkes-Barre’s Film Industry Presentation 

Rm. G101 in the Athletic & Recreation Building (ARB)

4:00pm  Awards Ceremony

 Gym in the Athletic & Recreation Building (ARB)


All Performances and Documentaries: 8:00am- 8:45am in the Bell Center for Technology

All Exhibits: 8:00am – 8:45am in the Athletic & Recreation Building (ARB)

Websites and Papers do not have to register on History Day since their entries have already been submitted.

  • Judging for Performances, Documentaries, and Exhibits starts at 9:00am

What to Bring

  • Your project (Exhibit, Performance, Documentary)
  • Four copies of your projects annotated bibliography
  • Four copies of your projects process paper
  • For a documentary, a copy of the documentary on a CD or flash drive
    (these will be returned to you after the competition)
  • For a documentary, a back up way to view your documentatry should your first method fail. (This could be on YouTube, a flash drive, or a CD)
  • For a Performance, all the props, scenery, costumes and supplies you’ll need for the performance.
  • For an exhibit, any supplies you need to set it up and/or make minor repairs.



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