Welcome to History Day!PA flags in a crowd at National History Day

Are you excited about History Day? You should be! You get to escape the long list of names and dates in your history text book and become a historian. Who said history was boring!

As a historian you’ll be building your own interpretation of what happened in the past and how it affected the future based on the evidence you find in primary and secondary sources. You’ll read and analyze a variety of sources to get the big and small picture of what happened around your topic and why it was important.

Once you have all your information and know why and how your topic was significant, you can get creative and communicate what you’ve learned with a paper, an exhibit, a performance, a documentary, or a web site. Each Entry must have a clear title (see rule 13 in the Rule Book), a process paper (see rule 14 in the Rule Book), and an annotated bibliography (see rule 15 in the Rule Book).

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Creating an Entry

Getting Started
Conducting Research
Creating an Entry
Project Examples


2015 Theme Materials

NHD Official Rule Book

  • Be sure to read both the General Rules for all Categories and the Individual Categories Rules

 Citing your Sources

Past Winners

Want to know what a winner looks like? Check out these examples from previous years to help figure out how to structure your entry.