Why do History Day?

6th grade teacher stands in front of a group of students with raised hands

National History Day is a great way to get your students excited about history, and a great way for you as a teacher to mix things up in your classroom while still covering the state standards and preparing your students for standardized testing!

 State Standards

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Teaching Resources

2015 Theme Materials

  • The 2015 Theme Book has a lesson plan for getting students thinking about the theme, and lists the correlating Common Core State Standards.

NHD Teacher Resources Page

History Day Webinars

Historical Investigation Lesson Plans


NHD Time line

Pennsylvania History Day

National Archives

American Library Associations’ Reference and User Services Association

University of Illinois

Examples of entries at the National Level

 Citing Sources

Not sure how to Cite a source? Check your school or local library or ask one of the librarians at Penn State about the MLA or Turabian guide. There are also lots of guides online you can find with a Google search.