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Link to PA NHD Online Registration

Directions on how to Register online for R2 Competitors

Online registration is not difficult.  Just be sure that everything is complete.  Please be patient when using the online system since it does take time to check all the little boxes.  Registration will open on 11/1/2013 and close on 3/3/2014 at Midnight with all mailed materials due and websites uploaded by 3/3/2014. Checks are due by 3/15/2014.


Every student needs 2 items for successful registration

1. Completed online registration

2. Entry fee of $7.00

(Paper entries and Web sites have extra requirements **see below)

Online Registration

  • Every teacher and every student must register using the online registration.
  • Teachers must register first in order for students to register.
  • Online registration will open November 1, 2013.
  • Registration deadline is March 3, 2014. However the sooner the better! 
  • You may edit all information up until the deadline.   Please don’t wait until the last minute to begin registering just because you don’t have one or two parts of the whole registration.
  • Help me by entering as much information as you can as soon as you can.

1. Go to and click on the “online registration” button on the left side then click on “R2 Counties and Schools:  Luzerne (except Hazleton), Lackawanna, Wyoming, Sullivan, Monroe, Wayne, Susquehanna and Pike. Or go directly to our website at

2. Read the information there at the bottom of the page. You will choose “Educator with competing student” and submit.

3. Every year you must create a new login.  Click on the red “Don’t have a username and password?” link.

4. Fill out all the information and check boxes.  Completed fields get green checkmarks

Red x’s mean incomplete and it needs to be completed.  Checks =good. . . X= bad. (Since you will be sending a check rather than paying online, you must lie and say you are indeed paying online and then you will get a receipt. The red mark will remain, but you are done.  Mail the receipt with your payment and we will complete the registration at this end.)

 5. Then you can start to enter your student’s information.  Just make up a 4 digit pin number for all students to use.  NOTE: students with the same last name need different pin numbers. ( i.e. if you have two Smiths, put Jack Smith as 1111 and Jill Smith as 2222).  Students will log on for the first time using their last name and the 4 digit number you entered.

Note that passwords do not need to be unique for each student.  You may choose to use the same ‘easy –to-remember’ password for all students and a different one for all teachers.

6. Every student does need to register initial personal information (unless you want to collect the information in writing and do it instead).  Either you or the student can enter project information.  Note that this can be edited up until the deadline on 3/3, so don’t panic if there are changes at the last minute.  Remember the sooner the better.

 Exhibits MUST choose if they need electricity.  This is a necessary step for all exhibit entries because those needing it will be located differently in the hall.  Please note that these choices are only for Exhibit entries.  No other category will use this box. (All rooms for performances and documentaries have outlets.)

 7. Finally . . . you must “pay” online.  This just means that you must click on the “pay fee” box.  You will not be paying online. But just lie and click and confirm online that you have paid and a receipt will be produced. (SEE Entry fee below for details) You will not see the green check mark at the end of this because it is waiting to be paid, but in fact you have done everything you need to do.  We will complete the process when we process your payment.  While you or your students technically may click “pay” online, we ask that you do it, and just once for your school after you have entered and confirmed all the students.  Once I get the checks, I’ll mark the fees received.  Please have all checks to me by March 15.  Don’t worry if you make a mistake online, it can be corrected.  Just let me know about it as soon as possible.

8. Please enter the names of all students, including those who merely might participate.   It is very helpful to have all potential entrants assigned a four digit pin number as early as possible in the open registration period to enable the students to begin registering their material as early as possible.  Also, if they’re not sure of a title, enter something – it can be changed.  The registration information can be updated until March 3rd by the students. If you are not sure about the student’s ability to participate, the student should register anyway.  Keeping in mind the possibility of last minute snow cancellations, please do not wait until the last week to begin registration.  After the 3rd , should you or a registered student need to make changes, please contact Ann Murtagh at, 570-675-9143.



  • Entry fee is $7.00 per student
  • Checks must be payable to “PENN STATE UNIVERSITY” ONLY AND EXACTLY.
  • It would be greatly appreciated if you could combine all entry fees from your school and   submit just one check per school.   Personal checks are acceptable.
  • All checks must be received by Friday, March 15.


  • 4 PRINTED COPIES OF EACH Paper entry with bibliographies must be mailed to or delivered to Penn State Wilkes-Barre by the close of registration. These will be distributed to judges to be evaluated before the contest.

 The deadline for receipt of papers is 3/3.



  • All web sites need to be uploaded using the NHD portal:
  • Do not upload directly to Weebly.
  • The NHD website under “creating an entry/website” has a pdf. file entitled “Web site survival guide” with directions on how to upload a website. Also check the rulebook.
  • The deadline for editing the web sites is 3/3. Students will not be able to add, change or edit anything on their sites after the deadline.
  • ***NEW – The annotated bibliography and process paper must be included as an integrated part of the web site.  Please advise students to do this.  In addition, for the regional competition “only”, we require one hard copy of  the entire website for display at the contest.  This can be mailed with the checks.



  • To ensure compatibility with the campus system, you may arrange to try out your entry a week or two prior to the competition.  Please contact Adam Sutliff at         675-9292 or to schedule this.  You may also bring your laptop to the competition as a back-up.  Finally, if your entry is posted on You Tube, it will be playable for the competition.  In case the number of entries in the documentary category should require a second round of judging, please be prepared to leave a copy of your entry after the first judging round, for the judges to look at again.  Your material will be returned to you at the end of the competition.
  •  If anyone would like to make arrangements to use our media equipment here for assembling the entry, please contact Adam for that as well.
  •  If you have any questions regarding registration please call Ann Murtagh at 570-675-9143 or   If you have any questions in regards to History Day please call Janis Winter at 570-675-9232 or


 Ann Murtagh

Penn State Wilkes-Barre


 Lehman, PA  18627