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Mind Over Matters Guidelines
Mind Over Matters is the World Campus Psychology Club (WCPC) Monthly Newsletter. It’s an instrument for members to share information pertaining to the many fields of psychology, tips on life as a WC student, personal experiences in life, etc. We are dedicated to building community and identity by encouraging members to share ideas and experiences, and offering support to one another in pursuit of present and future educational goals.

Submissions Deadline
All writers shall submit their article via a workable format (any Microsoft Word/Works, Google Doc, OpenOffice, etc.) to WCPC Mind Over Matters by the last Monday of the last full week of the preceding month.

Each writer is welcome to write about any pertinent topic related to the many fields of psychology, or anything that may be of use to our members. It’s a great opportunity to get some practice in before you have to start writing for those psychology journals!

At this time there are no paragraph/page restrictions.


June 2017:

Help me in welcoming the new 2017-2018 Executive Board!! In this issue you’ll find a short blurb from each of the officers. There are also two appointed positions available to consider running for.

We also had a member write up a short piece about their internship experience last semester so be sure to check that out too!! June_2017_Mind_Over_Matters

If anyone is interested in writing for the newsletter just email me at wcpcmindovermatters@gmail.com. It’s a fantastic opportunity and good practice for when you’ll have to start writing for psychology journals!


May 2017:

The semester is finally over, I for one am really glad for the break. I’ve attached the May_2017_Mind_Over_Matters for you to check out at your leisure. There’s some info on the upcoming election and if you have any questions just ask any of the officers or Judi, our adviser.

If anyone is interested in writing for the newsletter just email me at wcpcmindovermatters@gmail.com. It’s a fantastic opportunity and good practice for when you’ll have to start writing for psychology journals!

I also highly recommend considering running for a position on the Executive Board. For me, it’s been a helpful and wonderful experience. I’ve gotten to know so many of our members and create some great friendships with fellow officers; without those my school experience would have been much different.

Thanks everyone and enjoy your summer!


April 2017:

Here’s the April issue of Mind Over Matters, I wanted to thank our contributers and remind you all that we’re always accepting more writers!
There are some really meaningful articles in this issue, and I encourage you to read them with an open and accepting mind. One of the things I strive for with this newsletter is to make it a welcoming outlet open to all opinions and personal stories. As a contributing writer there are no restrictions on what you write about as long as it has to do with psychology; and our writers have taken that to heart and written about some deeply personal topics in the past and I hope that continues into the future.
That being said, enjoy the issue!

March 2017:

Can you believe it’s MARCH already! Here is the March issue of Mind Over Matters so check it out when you have some time. Since it’s Brain Awareness Week soon there are a lot of articles and activities to be on the lookout for.
As always I’m always looking for contributing writers, if you’re interested just email me at wcpcmindovermatters@gmail.com

March_2017_Mind_Over_Matters (1)-2monyso


February 2017:

I wanted to share this February’s issue of Mind Over Matters, did something new this time and included a quick little crossword puzzle!
As always, I’m looking for writers!! I know with life and school and everything else in our normal lives, but if you can find a bit of time to write a short something I would greatly appreciate it. Please feel free to email me anytime at the newsletter email.
For the March issue we are going to be focusing on the brain, neuropsychology, and brain research. I’m also working on getting a guest writer….but more about that later. ?___________________________________________________________________

January 2017:

Happy 2017 everyone!!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed your break from class and the holidays! Soon some of us will be back at it in a new semester, back at work and life in full swing. In the meantime here is our January issue or Mind Over Matters.

We’ve got a few exciting new announcements: We have a new President (Mary Kay Elsner) and Vice President (yours truly)! With me now VP there’s also an appointed position available; if you’re interested in taking over as Membership Coordinator you can email me, any other board member or Judi. It’s a pretty low-key position, but you have the important role of welcoming all new members to our club!

I would like to thank all our contributing writers for this month’s issue! If you would like to write something just email me.


December 2016:

Hey everyone – Here is the December issue of Mind Over Matters! There are some really good articles this month, thank you to all our contributing writers!

Don’t forget – we are still looking for candidates for President & Vice President for the Spring semester, please email Judi Withrow if you’re interested!

If anyone is interested in writing please email me your submissions for January by 12/23. There’s no limit on what you can write about (as long as it has something to do with Psychology) or word count.

Good luck with your finals and an early congrats to all our graduating members!


APRIL 2016:

Here is the April Edition of Mind over Matters for your reading pleasure!


MARCH 2016:

It’s finally back! Thanks to our new editor Anushri Nanavati and those who took the time to help contribute, the wait for a new edition of Mind over Matters is over! Here is the March 2016 edition. Enjoy! ________________________________________________________________


Can you believe it’s a new year?! Here is the January 2016 Mind Over Matters issue. I hope you enjoy it.
If you would like to write for it please feel free to contact me or any of the other officers at MindOverMatters@Gmail.com
Happy New Year!
– Annah Jensen, WCPC Secretary, Mind Over Matters Editor.



It’s December, finals are just around the corner….Where has the year gone?! I wish you all good luck with your finals, and hope you all have a wonderful break once classes are over! The newsletter this month is short and fun, so enjoy.
As always, if you are interested in writing for it please email me at WCPCMindOverMatters@gmail.com I’d love to have you!

December 2015 Newsletter



Hi everyone, I’ve posted the November 2015 Newsletter here for you to view at your leisure. I hope everyone is gearing up for the holiday season and finals!
If anyone is interested in writing for the Newsletter please feel free to email me at WCPCMindOverMatters@gmail.com, you can write about pretty much anything you’d like and it can be a one-time piece or you can be a regular writer.




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(Guidelines Created 11/30/15 Annah Jensen former Editor and Secretary of the WCPC)