Visit Penn State this Spring!

Our tour guides are ready for another great semester of campus visits!

Our tour guides are ready for another great semester of campus visits!

With just a few weeks left in 2014, University Park campus visits for the spring semester (January-early May) went live on our website today. This includes prospective student visits, accepted student programs, and events for transfer and change of campus students.

So, weather you are a high school junior, a senior with an offer of admission, or a transfer student, we have something for you! Visits typically include an information session, campus tour, and complimentary lunch in a dining facility on campus. Please check the event description for specifics on the session you would like to attend.

In case of inclement weather, please stay tuned to Penn State’s news site for information about campus closings. Generally speaking, visits happen as scheduled unless the University is closed. We like to think of them as good preparation for navigating Happy Valley in the snow as a student!

Registration fills quickly, so sign up now to reserve your spot. We hope to see you on campus!

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What happens to your application once it’s submitted?

Our colleague Day did a great job of answering that question last year, complete with photos as the applications move through our office – check it out!

Remember that it can take a week or more for documents to be added to your application once they arrive in our office. As long as your materials were sent prior to November 30, your application will be considered complete for our priority filing date. We will update your MyPennState profile as documents are processed, so do not worry if you do not see a change of status right away.

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The end of November is near …

We are rapidly approaching our priority filing deadline for first-year domestic students: November 30. Those students who submit a complete application by this date have their best chance of admission to their first choice campus and/or major. But what do we consider a complete application? We need just a few pieces:

      1. Your online application
      2. Official high school transcript (with counselor form)
      3. Official SAT or ACT (with writing) scores from the testing agency

If you have already taken care of these items, be sure that you log in to MyPennState to verify that your application is complete before we reach November 30. You may have requested the additional application materials be sent to Penn State, but that doesn’t mean that they have arrived, and MyPennState is the best place to confirm this information. Be sure to check your status!

Additionally, we ask that you be patient if you just requested your transcripts be sent within the last week. While we try to process documents as quickly as possible, it does take a little time to acknowledge the receipt of transcripts, so your MyPennState may not update for a 2-3 weeks. We are receiving thousands of transcripts and do not update a student’s status automatically upon receipt — there is a delay due to processing.

And for those of you who know your application is complete already, it may still take some time for you to hear a decision from Penn State as we process all of the applications we receive prior to the November 30 filing date. Any student who applied by November 30 should expect a decision by the end of January, with most students receiving their decision in January.

Thank you to everyone who has already applied to Penn State, and best of luck to those of you who are completing the application. And remember — November 30 is a recommended filing date. Penn State operates on rolling admissions after that date, so you can still apply after November 30 if you are interested in Penn State. If you have any further questions about your application or the application process, please contact us next week.

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Happy, happy Thanksgiving!

We have much to be thankful for at the Undergraduate Admissions Office. Not only are we watching a new class of students enjoying their first semester at Penn State, but we are busy working on thousands of applications from prospective students hoping to begin their Penn State experience in the near future.

For those of you still working on the application — or if you have any questions about your application or the application process — please note that we will be closed for the Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday, November 27 and Friday, November 28. You will be able to contact us via phone again on Monday, December 1, starting at 8:00 a.m. EST. Any emails sent over the Thanksgiving weekend will be returned as soon as possible, but please be patient as we review all of them!

We understand that our November 30 deadline falls on the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend this year — be sure to submit your online application by that date and make sure that you have sent us your transcript and official test scores prior to the Thanksgiving holiday. Any documents that we receive in our office on Monday, December 1 will still be considered as meeting the application deadline.

We hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. And to those of you still working on your Penn State application, best of luck and we look forward to receiving it soon! Happy Thanksgiving!

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As we get closer to the November 30 application filing date, you may be wondering what

Emily Duke (left) will be sharing her day on November 10. Pauline Janeo (right) will be sharing her day on November 6.

Emily Duke (left) will be sharing her day on November 10. Pauline Janeo (right) will be sharing her day on November 6.

it’s like to be a current Penn State student. We are asking our social media interns to show you just that in the coming days.

Follow the hashtag #mypsuday on Thursday (November 6) and Monday (November 10) to see what a typical day is like for social media interns Pauline Janeo and Emily Duke. Pauline is a junior in the Smeal College of Business and Emily is a senior in the College of Communications.

They will be taking over our social media accounts as they head to classes, club meetings, and other activities. You can also ask them questions about what it’s like to be a Penn Stater.

Hope you can follow along!

P.S. If you can’t join them on their #mypsuday, be sure to check out what they are up to on the Lion Life blog.

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Happy November!

There is no denying it—at least in central Pennsylvania, there isn’t. Fall is here, and the weather is getting colder.

But the ushering in of November turns the heat up on the college admissions process. At Penn State, it marks the start of the final weeks leading up to our November 30 priority filing date. We recommend that all first-year students submit their complete application to us by that date.

We know—you still have a few more weeks to apply and send us your application materials. But in order to have your best chance of admission to your first-choice campus and/or program, we recommend getting your application, official high school transcript, and official SAT or ACT scores to us by November 30.

Why risk missing this date? In just a few simple steps, you can make sure we have your application, and you won’t have to worry about whether or not you sent everything to us on time. All you need to do is:

      1. Apply online through MyPennState.
      2. See you high school counselor and have him/her send us your high school transcript and the counselor form that you are provided when you complete your Penn State application.
      3. Contact the College Board (code #2660) or the ACT (code #3656) to request your official test scores to be sent to Penn State.

If we receive all of your materials by November 30, you will have an admission decision by the end of January.

We encourage all interested first-year students to apply by November 30, but if you cannot for any reason, we continue to accept applications after that date.

Best of luck this month as you complete your Penn State application—we look forward to receiving it!

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Nittanyville: Roughing it for Dear Old State

This is no ordinary campground.

Penn State junior Darian Somers greets a visitor to Nittanyville Thursday afternoon.

Penn State junior Darian Somers greets a visitor to Nittanyville Thursday afternoon.

There’s a grounds crew that monitors trash pickups. High-profile guests—the trumpet section from the Penn State Blue Band, the Penn State cheerleaders, coaches from several Penn State teams—give advance notice that they’ll be stopping by. Food deliveries—pizzas, doughnuts, cookies—are regular occurrences.

This is Nittanyville, a patch of concrete at the base of Beaver Stadium that has been home most of this week to 812 Penn State students camping out in the days leading up to this weekend’s football game against Ohio State.

We interrupted Darian Somers late Thursday afternoon as he was painting a flag to show his support for Akeel Lynch, the Nittany Lions’ running back who hails from Canada. Darian usually waves a Canadian flag at games to make the running back feel right at home in Happy Valley. Given the Nittany Lions’ opponent this week—Ohio State, with its scarlet letters—Darian is going to keep the Canadian flag under wraps (“since we’re playing Ohio State this week, that would be kind of awkward”). Instead, Darien was painting a blue maple leaf on a white sheet to show Penn State’s true colors.

Nittanyville 2

Darian Somers, a Penn State junior and the public relations officers for Nittanyville, is right at home at the temporary camp site.

We asked Darian, a junior from Altoona majoring in print journalism who serves as Nittanyville’s public relations officer, to name five things that people might be surprised to know about Nittanyville. Here’s his list:

1. Class matters: “A lot of people think we never go to class. They see a tent community, and they saw it’s just a bunch of students who only care about football. That’s not true. We have some pretty smart people here who care about their schoolwork. I studied for two exams and wrote two papers while I was here this week so we do go to class, we do work here.”

2. Happy campers: “We have Internet out here. We have Wi-Fi. We have bathrooms. We don’t have showers, though. We have almost all of the amenities of home. The Wi-Fi allows us to do homework. Plus, on Thursday nights, we’ll watch Thursday Night Football.”

Nittanyville 3

Nittanyville campers Katelyn Maltais and Derek Reigel, both sophomores from Clearfield, Pa., are ready for whatever the weather brings at Nittanyville this week.

3. Weather or not: “We’re probably not right in the head. We camp through just about anything. Technically, we have to shut down when there’s thunder and lightning or when the temperature goes below 32 degrees but other than that we adjust. As long as we’re allowed to camp out here, we’re out here.”

4. It takes a village: “Not all of us are die-hard fans, but we all do it for the same reason. I’ve been going to games all of my life, there are people who have only been to a couple of games throughout their entire lives, and there are people who only come out here to do this just so they can say they did Nittanyville. Not all of us could tell you every single thing about every player, which is OK. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

5. Room and board: “The biggest tent at Nittanyville doesn’t belong to the organization’s officers. Actually, the officers have two of the smaller tents. We don’t have to have the biggest, greatest camping technology. As long as we have a place to put a cot, we’re good.”

Want to learn more about Nittanyville? Go to

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What does a day in the life of Penn State look like?#PSU24 Poster Finalest We’re hoping you can help us tell that story to the world.

Beginning at 7:32 a.m. EDT (sunrise) on Thursday, the University is showcasing 24 hours in the life of Penn State. Using the hashtag #psu24, help us capture the Penn State experience — including future Penn Staters like you!

Share your photos, videos, and messages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Vine and use the hashtag #psu24 to have them displayed on

While you’re at it, follow Undergraduate Admissions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat (username: psuadmissions) to keep in touch with us throughout the application process and see what we’re up to on campus.

We’ll see you on social media!

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SAT Registration Deadline is Approaching!

SAT TestOne of the application requirements for all first-year students–domestic and international–is the SAT or ACT. Many of you have already sent us your scores to complete your application, but there is still time to get in one more examination prior to our preferred filing date of November 30. (Note: This filing date is for U.S. students only.)

The registration deadline for the November 8, 2014 SAT exam is this Thursday, October 9. If you sign up to take this SAT, you can have your scores sent directly to Penn State (use code #2660), and they will arrive prior to November 30. If the score from the November test is better than any previous exam results we received, we will use it for our evaluation. If not, we will use whichever previous exam had the overall highest score. Remember, Penn State does not superscore, but we use the highest total from one single test date.

Visit the College Board website to register for the November 8 SAT.

Best of luck to any test takers out there–we look forward to getting your scores!

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Fall Teams Off to a Successful Start

Mens Cross CountryCheering on the Nittany Lions is one of the best parts of the fall in State College … and there is no shortage of successful teams to support! Our student-athletes are off to a great start this fall – here is the rundown of their performances:

Men’s and Women’s Cross Country
Both teams have seen national rankings early in the season. As of September 30, the women are still ranked 30th, and the men are just outside of the Top 30. They are set to compete in the Penn State National this weekend.

Womens Field HockeyWomen’s Field Hockey
Currently 10-2, the field hockey team is ranked 9th in the nation and has beaten many ranked opponents. After two shutouts over the weekend, they have the week off to prepare for conference foe, Maryland.

The football team is off to a solid start, with a 4-1 record going into the Michigan game this weekend. In Coach Franklin’s first season, the team has been able to win some close games – and Beaver Stadium has been full of support on Saturdays.

Men’s Soccer
The team is currently ranked 4th in the nation, with a 10-0-1 overall record and a 4-0 record in the Big Ten. This is the best start in school history, with the Nittany Lions outscoring opponents 21-3 and recording 9 shutouts.

Women’s Soccer
Undefeated in the Big Ten, the soccer team is 12-1 overall and currently ranked 7th in the nation. With their only loss to North Carolina in double overtime, the Lions are looking to remain undefeated in the Big Ten with 6 conference games remaining.

Womens Soccer
Women’s Volleyball
A perennial powerhouse, the volleyball team is currently ranked third in the nation and boasts an overall record of 15-2. Losing only to Stanford and No. 8 Nebraska, the Lions have over half the season left to play on the way to defending their national title.

With so many national rankings and outstanding individual performances, Penn State’s fall sports are off to a stellar start. They make it easy to be a fan in Happy Valley – go Lions!

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