The Truth About Alternate Choice Campuses

If you completed an application to Penn State, you probably
noticed that you were asked to pick a first and an alternate choice campus.
Many of our applicants want to attend Penn State University Park, and unfortunately,
we just don’t have enough space for everyone.  Picking an alternate choice campus allows us to review your application twice; if we’re not able to make you an offer to
your first-choice campus, we’ll look at it again for the alternate choice.

Please note that including an alternate choice campus does not mean that your application will not be evaluated for University Park or whichever campus is your first choice. We always look at your first choice first before moving onto other options.

If you are offered admission to your alternate choice campus, you can take part in our 2+2 plan, where you spend your first two years at a non-University Park campus before coming to University Park to finish your degree. You’re still part of the Penn State family
from day one, and you’ll receive the same quality education at any of our campuses. As we like to say, we are “one university geographically dispersed.”

If did not select an alternate choice campus on your application but would like to add one, please call or e-mail us and a counselor can make the appropriate updates.

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