When to Apply to Penn State and our Dates & Deadlines

The end of summer – it’s here. Some students are back in their high schools already, or they will be by Monday. And, in just one more week, our first year students will be moving in to start their Penn State education. While their application process is long over, we know it is just starting for many of you, which brings us to our weekly question:

I have so many different colleges and applications and dates and deadlines to keep track of – what do I REALLY need to know about applying to Penn State?

First, you need to know that you don’t have to stress yet. Our application for Fall 2013 (and Summer 2013) is not even available until September 1. You can still create your MyPennState account now, but you cannot start working on the application until September 1. So, you have a few more weeks yet – you will just have to be patient!

But, you don’t have to wait until you have your high school transcripts or final test scores to apply – in fact, we prefer to have the application prior to those other items arriving. So, you can apply in September, and if aren’t taking the SAT until October, we will just hold on to your application until the testing service sends your scores – then it is easy to match them to your application.

After that, the important date to remember is November 30. This is the preferred filing date for students to have the BEST CHANCE of admission to their first choice campus and/or program. For some of our programs, this is an absolute deadline, so check the Dates & Deadlines section of our website to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Then, you wait. You wait for us to review thousands and thousands of applications. But the good news is that those students who apply by November 30 will have their admission decision by the end of January. But remember: while we make some decisions earlier than that, the majority of students that apply by the November 30 preferred filing date will hear from us in January.

So, Penn State has only 2 important dates to remember, and only one of them is a deadline. Not too bad, right? But, if you are a transfer student, international student, or a World Campus student, you have some different dates and deadlines to which you should pay attention. Be sure to visit admissions.psu.edu for the dates that are relevant to you.

Hope to see your applications rolling in come early September! And as always, let us know if you have any questions. Enjoy your last days of summer – if they are not already gone!

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