What is the status in your MyPennState profile?

Penn State’s holiday break is upon us, which means almost a week and a half of vacation from the office for the Undergraduate Admissions staff. Since the office is closed over the break, we will not be reviewing applications, updating students’ information, or changing any application status.

So, what does this mean for you, the Penn State applicant?

While we are out, you can login to your MyPennState profile to check the status of your application. And while the status message in MyPennState will remain the same until after the New Year and you won’t be able to call us to discuss it, you can still learn quite a bit about where your application stands through our message to you. To help you understand the message that you are seeing, we wanted to share some of the more common ones and what they mean, so you’ll know if you need to contact us at the beginning of the year.

      Status #1. “Your application has been received. Please check back here for updates. Thank you for applying to Penn State.”
      This is the message students see upon submitting the application to Penn State. It means that we have the application that you completed online, but we have not had the opportunity to review the application details and match the application to any transcripts or test scores that we may have already received. Typically, this message is only visible for a few days because we are either able to match the other application materials right away, or we do not have the materials yet, and we update the message with information about what is missing (See #2).

      Status #2. “Our records show that your application is currently incomplete. Your application will be complete upon receipt of the following required materials: XXXXXXXX.”
      This message means that we still need required components for your application (most commonly, your test scores or your transcripts), and we will let you know what materials are missing. If you just sent your transcripts to Penn State earlier this month, it is likely they are here and we have not gone through the process of acknowledging and evaluating them yet. The status will still indicate that they are missing until we are able to complete those tasks and, this time of year, we have many transcripts to verify. Additionally, since we are not working with transcripts over our holiday break, this message will not change until January.

      Status #3. “Your application and high school transcript have been received. Please continue to check your status.”
      Good news! Penn State has received everything, but we are still validating your application items, specifically your transcript. We have to evaluate your transcript to determine if you have met the admission requirements for your desired program, which is why we tell you to “continue to check your status” – your application may not be considered complete after review of the transcript. Sometimes, we have to change a student’s desired program based on the fact he or she may not have completed all of the required coursework in high school, and we don’t know that until we thoroughly check the transcript.

      Status #4. “Your application is complete and all of your required materials are here.”
      Even better news! When a student sees this message, it means that we have verified all of the application materials and everything with the application is in order. Typically, this message is only visible for a short time, because it is ready to proceed to the next step (See #5).

      Status #5. “We are reviewing your credentials. A decision will be available here as soon as one is made.”
      And now, you wait. This message appears when your application enters the review process. There is no exact timeframe for how long you will see this message – some of you already know, it can be weeks, even months. If you see this message currently in MyPennState, you should not expect it to change until January, as we are not making any admissions decisions over the holiday break. For those of you that applied before November 30, don’t worry – you should get your decision in January.

I hope this post helps you understand where your application stands at this stage of the process – and allows you to enjoy your holiday break without continually checking MyPennState for any changes in your application status. We will be back on January 2 to answer any of your outstanding questions. Until then, Happy Holidays!

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16 Responses to What is the status in your MyPennState profile?

  1. Jenna Spinelle says:

    Hi Nabilah – Sometimes we need to request additional information after reviewing your application. If you have not already, please email admissions@psu.edu or call 814-865-5471 to speak with someone about your application status. Thanks!

  2. Nabilah says:

    I have been checking my application status on “MyPennstate,” and my status changed from status #5 to status #2, asking for my 12th grade transcript. I am worried about my status since it changed after telling me that after a specific time period a decision will be made. Thank you.

  3. Jenna Spinelle says:

    Hi Sue – We do not display our staff directory on our website. Please send me an email at jspinelle@admissions.psu.edu and I will try to help you figure out who you may have talked to. Thanks – Jenna

  4. Sue Brown says:

    Hello, I am trying to find the names of the staff in your admissions office that answer telephone questions. I talked to a woman who helped me out a lot. I am trying to recall her name, but I don’t remember. I know anyone at your office is capable of taking my call, but I would really like to talk to the person that I communicated with before. If I could see a list of your staff, I probably would recognize their name. Where is this information on your website. Thank you so much! Sue

  5. Jenna Spinelle says:

    Hi Amanda, sorry it’s taken us a little while to get back to you! Students typically stay in that status for 1-2 weeks while documents are being processed. Hopefully you have moved out of it by now! Please let us know if you have any other questions.

  6. Amanda Black says:

    How long does status #3 usually take. I am still hopeful that I can take summer classes, but I am getting really anxious waiting for the status change. It can be a bit discouraging I was hoping that world campus would be a bit easier.

  7. Jenna Spinelle says:

    Hi Max – We are a little behind in reviewing applications, especially from international students. We will post a decision to MyPennState as soon as one is available. Thanks for your patience!

  8. Max says:

    So What’s the step of this one”Your application has been received and is being reviewed. Thank you for applying to Penn State.”
    I applied(EA) several months ago.

  9. Jenna Spinelle says:

    Sorry it’s taken us a little while to get back to you! The #4 status means your transcripts or other documents have arrived in our office and are being processed; #5 means that everything has been processed and your application is ready for review.

    Hope that helps! Please let us know if you have other questions.

  10. Jenna Spinelle says:

    Hi Anushka – There are a number of reasons why you have not received a decision yet. If you have not already, please call us at 814-865-5471 or email admissions@psu.edu to have someone review your application. Thanks for your patience!

  11. Anushka Kapur says:

    I applied before November 30, I haven’t received an admission decision yet. I’m starting to get a little worried, could it be because I haven’t been admitted?

  12. Smit says:

    My status before 4 days was ‘#5’ and today it changed to ‘#4’ . Please explain this change .
    Eagerly waiting for the decision .

  13. Jenna Spinelle says:

    Yes, we will post all decisions in MyPennState, regardless of outcome. Thanks for your patience, hopefully you will have an answer soon if you don’t already!

  14. Rebby says:

    Will ALL decisions be posted on the “MyPennState” profile prior to being mailed? Even if it is a rejection?
    My triplets’ status has been the same since November.
    Anxiously-hopefully waiting….

  15. Kim Emigh says:

    Please contact us so we can look into the matter further. Depending on when it was updated, it could show this because we were out of the office for almost 2 weeks and status messages did not change over that time. Thank you.

  16. Ramana says:

    Nice and informative. As per the article, the message under status #4 is visible for a short time only. However, in case of my son’s application this status is there for a long time. Please suggest!

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