MyPennState – What Message is Next?

The message every student hopes to see in MyPennState!

The message every student hopes to see in MyPennState!

In our last post on the subject of messages in MyPennState, we gave you some information on what the messages mean after you submit an application. In fact, we took you all the way to the message that lets you know your application is under review:

“We are reviewing your credentials. A decision will be available here as soon as one is made.”

As you may know, you can see this message for quite some time. We want to remind you that we only change our MyPennState messaging once a day, usually overnight, so you don’t have to go crazy and log in to MyPennState all day looking for the next change. As you await a decision, logging in once per day is enough.

The good news is that the waiting game will soon be over for many students (the majority of those students that supplied a complete application by November 30). So, if you have been seeing the above message in MyPennState since around that time (or even before that date!), here is what you should expect to see next in MyPennState.

As we prepare our admissions decisions, your MyPennState profile will change to show a variation of a message that includes:

“an admissions decision will be posted here in the coming days.”

And guess what? That’s true! This change means that your decision is close at hand, and you should know your admission status within the week (typically 3 business days).

The bad news is that you still have to wait to find out your decision via MyPennState – we do not share admissions decisions over the phone or via email. While we know it might be hard to continue waiting, at least the end is near once you see your MyPennState message change to include the statement above.

With thousands and thousands of applications to review, we do our best to get our decisions out quickly. In the meantime, keep an eye on your MyPennState profile … your decision could be there soon!

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