Deadline for international applicants: February 1

While our office is busy releasing decisions and talking to domestic students who applied by November 30 – please be patient with us if you call or email, as we are dealing with a lot of inquiries – we are approaching yet another important application deadline.

February 1 is the priority filing date for any international students wishing to apply to Penn State – that is this Saturday (well, Saturday in the United States anyway)! We encourage international applicants to apply by this date (and have their supplemental materials here or on their way to us by then) for their best chance of admission to their chosen major and/or campus. While you can apply after the February 1 date, admission becomes much more competitive, and you may have to be flexible with your options. Please note: We still review applications and documents received after the February 1 recommended deadline, so you CAN apply after that date.

Some things of which to be aware:

      1. It does take us 2-3 weeks from the point we receive your transcript to review, process, and then acknowledge it within MyPennState. So, if you just sent your transcript, please allow some time for your profile to update.
      2. We require a complete application, including transcript(s) and proof of English proficiency, in order to review an application. If you do not meet the English proficiency minimum requirements, we will be unable to review your application.
      3. Once the application shows complete in MyPennState, it can take approximately 6-8 weeks for you to receive a decision. This time frame is for any students who have met the February 1 priority date. Please note: If your application has displayed as complete in MyPennState for some time, it may still take additional weeks to receive a decision.

We will process your application and share a decision as quickly as possible, but you should be aware that we have seen a large increase in international applications, so you may not hear from Penn State for many weeks. If you have any questions in the interim, please contact us for assistance.

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6 Responses to Deadline for international applicants: February 1

  1. Avatar of Kim Emigh Kim Emigh says:

    Hi Demba. It is not too late – we are accepting applications for fall now. Thanks for applying!

  2. demba diarra says:

    hi . my name is demba. i have submitted my application a few weeks ago. i am wondering if my application is too late for fall semester 2014. thanks

  3. Hi Jaideesh. We will review your application once all of your materials arrive. It typically takes 4-6 weeks to receive a decision from the time your application becomes complete. Your decision will be posted to your MyPennState profile as soon as it is available. – Jenna

  4. Jaideesh Reddy says:

    I recently submitted my application on February 1 and I sent my ACT scores a week back and I sent my transcripts through my mail 4 days back. As I am applying for Finance major, will I be able to get into the course I want to ?

    Thank You,

  5. Avatar of Kim Emigh Kim Emigh says:

    Hi Rishav,
    The Office of Student Aid can speak with you more on this, but you are correct – international students are not eligible for financial aid. They are eligible for scholarships (some of which require applications), but federal financial aid is only available for domestic students.
    Thank you, Kim

  6. Rishav Guha says:

    I recently got an admission offer from PSU. However, I’m not sure I can afford it without a scholarship or a grant. When I contacted the office of Student Aid, I was told to refer to the FAFSA website to apply. However, I do not have a Social Security Number, since I’m an international student. Therefore, I can’t submit the FAFSA. Does this mean I’m not eligible for financial aid? If I am, could you guide me?
    Thank You

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