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Checking Out the College Checking Account

This is a presentation I gave for a freshman seminar class last year. I hope it is helpful for those of you in the Early Entrance Experience.
This is an embedded <a target=’_blank’ href=’’>Microsoft Office</a> presentation, powered by <a target=’_blank’ href=’’>Office Web Apps</a>.
Click here for a sample Excel spreadsheet on how to balance a checkbook. This next brief presentation has some discussion points for credit cards and cell phone plans.

Overview of How GPS Works

What’s Wrong With Us

Here is John Bardi’s presentation from Penn State Mont Alto’s Professional Development Day. Click on the bottom right to see the presentation full screen.

If you have any questions please contact John at
Click here to download a pdf version of the presentation.

Demonstration of Google Earth

Google Earth and Google Maps are ideal to help learn about issues in geography. On this map are a few points that we will use for discussion today.


Download the kml file to open these points in Google Earth.

Create a Map of Your Woodlot with a GPS and Google Earth

Click here to see the KML Tools Page.

Comments — Social Media in Higher Education

I am compiling some of the comments I received from colleagues and students after sending out an email with information on the seminar. I also posted a notice in Facebook.

Unless you are very careful, using social media invariably leads to spelling and grammar mistakes.

I’m doing a faculty presentation next week on social media in higher education. I’m looking for comments. Should professors use Facebook and other sites for their courses? Should their be a wall separating the social from the academic? Let me know. I would like many opinions to use in the seminar. Thanks.

Can you spot the mistake? My daughter called me late one night to let me know!

From Bernie Gettel:

 FB is where it’s at for college students, but I’m concerned about the research regarding it’s affect on grades. Perhaps this should be addressed in your presentation. Here is one link to the research: http://www.computerworld.c​om/s/article/9131507/Study​_Facebook_users_get_lower_​grades_in_college ENJOY!

From Justin Younkins, a student:

Dr. Linehan, as we both know most students check their facebook more than their webmail. I for one do not condone using social media for academic purposes but if it is a way to get todays youth to keep up on their studies…maybe? It could also turn on you as well, they could be on facebook in your class, not paying attention, and say they are checking up on their classwork.

 From Pam Kauffman, administrative assistant:
Hi Peter,I just helped Julie Martin set up a page for the PTA graduates. She felt it would be a good way to stay in touch with them, find out about job openings, who has a job, and anything else. There is a fine line there. Also, the PTA students friend each other and it makes a good way to keep in the know with classes, cancelations and so on. Hope that helps.

From Annyce Stone, instructor:

I hope you don’t mind my old-fashioned email reply! 

I ask students this very question in my online classes.  It ends up split pretty much down the middle with students thinking it would be a great way to enhance class communications and those saying that they want FB to be private and personal.  In addition, those indicating that it might be good for a class also indicate that they don’t think it should be a place for assignments — only for general communications, basic questions, and course reminders.

As a result, I have resisted creating a class FB page out of concern for those who want FB to remain their private, social arena.  The texts that I tend to review and read for my classes (Business English) actually encourage drawing the line between the two worlds.  Business texts do mention professional networking sites such as LinkedIn as an option to FB for those who want networking — but in a strictly professional sense.

I hope this helps,
Annyce Stone
Online Adjunct, PSUMA

From Pam Reifinger:

I will not be attending this session but I feel it’s a great opportunity for students to know their professor especially in a web class.  However, I rather not have them access my private Facebook account.  I’m willing to create a professional one for my web students to access me.

Hope this helps!


Social Media in Higher Education

We know that most students and many faculty are avid users of Facebook and other social media. Can these new communications tools be used to improve college education? Or should they be avoided at all costs. Take a look at my presentation for Mont Alto’s Professional Development Day and add your comments and suggestions. I will include them in the presentation.

Take a look at these articles on social media in higher education that I have collected.

Forum on Media and Gaming

Here are some examples of how I have used student blogs in various courses

South Mountain Conservation Landscape Initiative

From the Pennsylvania DCNR:

Throughout the commonwealth, large regions are working together to drive strategic investment and actions around sustainability, conservation, community revitalization, and recreational projects. Known as the Conservation Landscape Initiative, these collaborations are developing in landscapes where there are strong natural assets, local readiness and buy-in, and state level investment support. Several state agencies, local governments, funders and non-profits have worked strategically and collaboratively on the ground for several years in seven CLI’s to develop this value-driven, place-based approach.

Follow this link to see more about the goals of the CLI’s

Here is the South Mountain CLI page on DCNR.

And the home page for the South Mountain CLI activities.

I am on the steering committee for the South Mountain Speakers Series. These events are patterned after the Michaux Lectures that were delivered by Dr. Joseph Rothrock in the late 19th century. He helped awaken Pennsylvanians to the need to conserve and manage forest resources. While serving as Forest Commissioner he founded the Pennsylvania Forest Academy, the predecessor to Penn State Mont Alto.

The photostream for South Mountain CLI really tells the story of its activities.

Here is a presentation from the South Mountain CLI describing its justification and purpose:

Save Your Work in the Computer Labs

Here is a link to a pdf version of this presentation.