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Welcome to Remote Sensing

We will be going on a field trip today.

Meeting of the Pines Waypoint Data

Here is the outline of the steps we will be following.

Click here to get the waypoints that mark the perimeter of the study area for Meeting of the Pines.

To save time, I already downloaded soil survey data from Web Soil Survey in a polygon that includes our study area. Click here to download the zip file.

Extra Credit for Conservation Videos

If you missed the videos presentation on March 30, you can still get extra credit by doing the following research project by April, 8th. Find an article on Gifford Pinchot or Mira Lloyd Dock. Fill out the form below. Be sure to explain why this is important or why you found it interesting.

Extra Credit 3-30-16



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Washington D.C. Visit

Last Saturday I visited D.C. with a group of Honors students and students from Peggy Russo’s Shakespeare class. We went to see As You Like It in the evening and The National Gallery (among other museums) in the afternoon. Below are a few of my favorite pictures.


This was Shaw’s Memorial. He was the leader of the first regiment of African American soldiers in the Civil War. I would think the memorial sculpture would be named after them.



Love that Medieval art!


Happy couple.


They didn’t allow photography in the Wyeth exhibit. Some fantastic paintings.


Outside the Smithsonian Portrait Museum


All the group in the Sculpture Garden outside the National Gallery.

See your advisor

Over the years I have had many students come up short when it’s time to graduate. It’s a very difficult situation when you are missing a single course and have to come back to complete a requirement. That’s why I always tell students they should check in with their advisor first.

Click here to see why.

Fighting Wildfires with Inmates

This New York Times article explores a trend in some States for using inmates to fight wildfires.  They cost less than free firefighters. In some states they earn $1 per hour, much less in some. They are happy to be outdoors and doing something constructive.

Yet, this idea leaves me feeling uneasy. Firefighting is a hazardous job. Workers should do it of their own accord and be fairly paid. Isn’t there a professional element involved, too? Inmates labor should not be used to undercut other workers, even if it saves money.

We should also ask questions about why we have so many prisoners in the US. That’s a more urgent problem.

Panchromatic Imagery

Black and white, or panchromatic, imagery has long been the workhouse of aerial photography. It is versatile and easy to interpret. Here are examples from the study sites.

All the sites.

This map contains the four study sites. Most of the background is made from downloaded images. The southern part of the map uses the streamed data, which is significantly darker. I prefer the brighter, higher contrast imagery.



Reservoir Dam



Clearing/ Chestnut Planting


Golf Course / Seed Orchard



Pearl Springs



The maps were made in ArcGIS 10.2 and exported as jpg images.

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Early morning flowers.



Aerial Photo Centers