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Washington D.C. Visit

Last Saturday I visited D.C. with a group of Honors students and students from Peggy Russo’s Shakespeare class. We went to see As You Like It in the evening and The National Gallery (among other museums) in the afternoon. Below are a few of my favorite pictures.


This was Shaw’s Memorial. He was the leader of the first regiment of African American soldiers in the Civil War. I would think the memorial sculpture would be named after them.



Love that Medieval art!


Happy couple.


They didn’t allow photography in the Wyeth exhibit. Some fantastic paintings.


Outside the Smithsonian Portrait Museum


All the group in the Sculpture Garden outside the National Gallery.

Sun Belt Sprawl Images

The New York Times has recently showcased the work of photographer Christoph Gielen, who used aerial photography  to examine the pattern of development in new planned communities around Phoenix, AZ and Las Vegas, NV. He also photographed some of the many prisons around Phoenix. His work raises fascinating about the types of communities being created. What is it like to live in these mazes? What do the prisons say about our society?

The article is here.

The slide show is here.