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Is the color spectrum arbitrary?

The following video from The Atlantic Monthly explains why the ROYGBIV division of the visible color spectrum is arbitrary. This is interesting to think about when dealing with different types of aerial photo imagery. We always need to create categories to understand the data we are trying to analyze.


Drones and Natural Resources

I have heard news stories recently of how military drones have become smaller and more widely available for military uses. This NPR story tells how they will soon be available for government agencies and even private uses. 

The part that really got my attention was a quote by a US Geological Survey scientist who has been using drones on Bureau of Land Management properties. He said unequivocally that drones  are the future of natural resources land management. I guess every forester will want his eye in the sky.
This next NPR story concerns a convention of drone manufacturers in Las Vegas, with several videos of small drones in action.
And finally, here is a USGS training video with the Raven drone.