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Pennsylania SFI

I attended the Keystone SAF chapter meeting last night (3/10) in Grantville at the Holiday Inn. We were in the midst of a huge rainstorm, which I am sure kept attendance down.

Nate Fice, the new director of the SFI training program in Pennsylvania gave an overview of changes in the program. In spite of recent severe budget reductions SFI seems to have a full calendar of training courses for loggers running.

The key to the program are the two core courses: Logging Safety and Environmental Logging, each eight hours long. There are also many other continuing education courses available.

According to Nate the program is making great strides in updating and making current the database of trainees. They are also standardizing the length of time a training credential can be extended with continuing education courses.

For more information on the new policies and the overall program go to the web site: http://www.sfiofpa.org/ The web site is looking much better these days, too. It has new features and pictures.

Irony or Serendipity On Carbon Credits?

I was looking for the dates (Nov. 5-8) for the Soc. of American Foresters Convention in Reno next fall, and discovered that the keynote speaker will be Michael J. Walsh, the executive director of the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX). CCX is the official marketplace for trading carbon credits under a cap and trade arrangement to reduce carbon emissions by industry. It is currently voluntary, but may become mandatory some day under new government regulations. We just heard a discussion on carbon trading at the Allegheny SAF meeting in Carlisle last week. Carbon trading raises many questions. Is it just a way for polluters to pay for continuing pollution or is it a serious effort to reduce pollution? Will the costs of running the market and the profits for the traders outway any benefits to society? I am certainly looking forward to hearing this speaker and attending the Convention!