Research in progress

 Research in progress

How Dictatorships Work
cleared for publication at Cambridge University Press (with Barbara Geddes and Erica Frantz)

Remittances and Protest
APSA 2016, LSE 2017 (with Abel Escriba and Covadonga Meseguer)

The North Korean Autocracy in Comparative Perspective
2017 (with Wonjun Song)

The Latent Characteristics that Structure Autocratic Rule
APSA 2014, updated 2017

Foreign Aid and Judicial Independence
ISA Workshop on Foreign Aid (with Molly Ariotti and Simone Dietrich)

Introducing the Leadership Security Ties Data
APSA 2014 (with Thomas Brawner)

A Latent Measure of Political Protest
ISA 2014 (unpublished update with Erica Chenoweth, Vito D’Orazio, and Chris Fariss)

Dormant papers

Electoral Spending Cycles in Dictatorships

Curses and Conditionality: Do Oil and Aid Affect Democracy Differently?
2011  Slide Presentation

Economic Approval and Support for Dictators
2010  (with Elizabeth Stein)

Exit During Crisis

Aid and Democratic Consolidation
APSA 2008

International Security, Democratization, and Military Spending in Latin America
LASA 2004