Research Interests:

Comparative Politics: authoritarianism, propaganda, censorship.
Methodology: field and survey experiments, casual inference, automated text analysis.



Yaoyao Dai and Zijie Shao. “Populism as a Strategy of Authoritarian Survival in China: Concept and Measurement”, CP: Newsletter of the Comparative Politics Organized Section of the American Political Science Association 26(2): 31-40.

Zijie Shao, Yaoyao Dai and Xianglin Xu. “Agenda-Setting and International News Coverage: A Quantitative Text Analysis on China Central TV News Reports” (In Chinese). Journal of Chinese Academy of Governance 4: 29-34.

Works in Progress:

“Anti-corruption Campaigns and Popular Support for Authoritarian Governments”
“Strategic News Selection and Framing in State Controlled media in China” with Zijie Shao
“Self-censorship in Authoritarian Regime: An List Experiment in Beijing, China”