Hello, reader! Welcome to my website.

I am an English graduate student and instructor at The Pennsylvania State University in State College, PA. After receiving my bachelor’s degree from Loyola College in Maryland in 2009, I decided to continue my studies at Penn State, focusing specifically on the poetry and drama of early modern England. My research interests include pastoral poetry and drama, early modern emotions and embodiment, the English Reformation, and the works of Shakespeare, Spenser, and Milton.

I designed this website to showcase my teaching. Each of the tabs will give you information about this aspect of my professional development. The “Teaching Philosophy” tab provides a brief reflection on my own teaching experiences and explains how I view my vocation as an educator. The “Course Descriptions” tab details the classes that I have had the opportunity to teach at Penn State, and it also includes a syllabus for each one. The “Teaching with Technology” tab describes a number of specific ways in which I use technology to accomplish my goals as an instructor; you can find individual assignments, useful videos, lecture notes, and more. The “Links for Students” tab lists several invaluable online resources available to Penn State undergraduates taking courses in literature, rhetoric, or composition. Finally, the “CV” tab offers a more comprehensive look at my career as a scholar and teacher.

All images on this site either belong to me or are included in accordance with fair usage rules. Select screen captures in the “Teaching with Technology” tab come from the Early English Books Online database.

You can also visit my official PSU department page.