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Launching Digital Literary Studies

Digital Literary Studies

Homepage of Digital Literary Studies

This post was written by James O’Sullivan, Digital Humanities Research Designer.

Digital Literary Studies  was recently launched by PCS, a new journal intended to act as an international peer-reviewed interdisciplinary publication with a focus on those aspects of Digital Humanities primarily concerned with literary studies.

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Zembla Revisited

Image created for the main page of Zembla in 1996.

Image created for the main page of Zembla in 1996.

This post was written by Jeff Edmunds, Digital Access Coordinator.

In December 1995, when the World Wide Web was still in its infancy, the Libraries did not yet have an official Web presence. They were, however, already hosting what is probably the Libraries’ earliest digital humanities project: Zembla, a Web site devoted to writer and translator Vladimir Nabokov, author of (most famously) Lolita.

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Learning as Play


1833 German “Metamorphosis” Metamorphic Picture

Portions of this post contain material from the Learning as Play website.

The Learning as Play project explores the publication of early movable books for children by providing example images, an overview of their history, a database of known artifacts, and several virtual facsimiles of actual items.

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