Welcome to the digital home of English and Women’s Studies 245: Introduction to Lesbian and Gay Studies!

If you’re a student, you can find all of the information about the course–including the syllabus, course readings, and the digital archive project–under the About tab in the menu.

If you’ve stumbled upon our site, I invite you to take a look around to see what students in the course have been posting. This site began as a platform on which students could post about their explorations into queer culture. Over the course of the Spring 2015 semester, students were charged with finding examples of queer artistic expression and analyzing them in relation to course readings and discussions.

The project continues in the Fall 2015 semester. By December, the site will have almost two hundred entries of students reviewing and analyzing film, literature, TV, art, music, and performance–a substantial resource for LGBTQ representation, for diverse queer expression, and for further critical analysis.

Check out New Entries for the latest content, or browse the tabs above for different categories. See here for assignment guidelines and course readings from the Spring 2015 iteration of English / Women’s Studies 245.