Imagine having to leave home to get away from the thoughts and opinions of those surrounding you. Imagine feeling so alone. Imagine having to live your life through a secret. Overture is a short film that is about a transgender girl who starts college and locks away her past from everyone. In the beginning of the film Samantha, the main character, refuses to allow people into her life. This all changes when she meets Will and Jeff. Around Will she. Jeff is her gay friend and the only person that knows Samantha’s secret. She kept it hidden from everyone else fearing what others would think. Samantha’s roommate was the one to uncover the truth. Her roommate told all of Samantha’s friends and Will. This was the turning point in the film. Until this point, she felt like she was complete. After the word was out, she let that take control of her life. The film shows her sad and alone, it is like she is afraid to leave the comfort of her room and face people. Then, the first encounter between her and Will since finding out the truth, ends rather harsh. Through all the pain, she learned some valuable lessons like to embrace being transgender and force others to really see her. She learned to face reality with pride.

This short film was different from Casey Plett’s writing discussing her life as a transgender. Casey wrote in a very casual tone and, at times, made it even humorous or light hearted and straight forward where Overture was mainly a sad film. The entire film was about Samantha hiding the fact that she was transgender instead of embracing it. Casey seemed more open to allowing others to understand what she was going through. She was willing to open up to her roommate, friends, and girlfriend and they turned out to be very supportive. The people that mattered most, respected her and liked her for being herself. Samantha did not want to open up to anyone; she tried to stay closed off and hide any evidence of her previous life. When others did finally find out, they were angry with her for keeping it from them. They also looked at her differently. In ways, these pieces can be very similar, though. Both are about a young adult who now identifies as a female. Both pieces show how others do not understand transgender people. They struggled with coming to terms with being transgender and how others react to that. These pieces both show their struggle with dating. Casey writes a piece about the guy she met at the bar showing she was afraid to pursue him. Samantha was hesitant towards Will, at first, and even after getting to know him, refused to reveal the truth. I believe Casey and Samantha came to an understanding about themselves, as well. There was a special moment for Casey when she decided to refer to herself as a female, and there was a similar moment for Samantha at the end of the film, when she realized she should stand proud and stay true to herself.

I think this film did a decent job of showing how challenging it is for transgender people to feel accepted. I think it also goes to show that the people who truly care about you, do not care what you identify as; they just want you to be happy. I do think the film could have been a little more realistic of the hardships a transgender college student would face. To me, it did not seem like the film took place at a college, and the way the characters acted did not match up with how I would assume a college student would act.

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