The Modern Family Effect


Modern Family is a T.V. show that first aired on September 23, 2009. In this television show you have several couples that show the different types of families in today’s society. In this post I will use the show “The Modern family” to display how society is coming around to accepting gay couples and also showing how they can be functional families. I would also like to highlight the fact that the show is trying to get society to understand that gay couples can bend and make their own rules. The show further displays different parenting techniques and gender role conflicts. Focusing on what functional is I can show how all of these components can leave a positive connotation on gay families around the world. Functional is having or serving a utilitarian purpose; capable of serving the purpose for which it was designed.

Mitchell and Cameron are the nontraditional couple. Jay which is the father of Mitchell is married to a Latino wife named Gloria which is a representation of interracial couples. Claire who is the daughter of Jay is married to Phil which is an example of a traditional couple.

Mitchell and Cameron are two of my favorite character on the show. They are representing gay couples around the world in a sense. With the T.V. show they bring some important gender role issues to the fore front as well. In a particular episode Cameron and Mitchell take their adopted child to day care where they have to play a game with other parents. Not only did they feel uncomfortable, they tried to pretend that they were straight. Cameron and Mitchell noticed how all the other children were progressing while their parents were there but their child was a little behind in some of her motor skills. They felt that they didn’t have the motherly skills they needed to help their child succeed. Despite them not having that “motherly touch”  by the end of the episode they proved to still operate perfectly and make up for what they lack in. The love that they show towards each other and their child is powerful and they still do some of the the things normal couples do.

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