Lesbian Stereotypes

Lesbian stereotypes are very common in today’s society. A lesbian stereo type is a pre-formed idea about lesbians and how we live our lives that is generally accepted as truth but isn’t always true. Many of them touch base on the relationships of lesbians. A lot of people whether heterosexual or gay rely on some of the most common stereotypes when it comes to being lesbian and trying to understand a lesbian.


The three common stereotypes I will focus on are: (1) In every lesbian couple there is a “man” and a “woman”; (2) Lesbian sex doesn’t count as real sex; (3) All lesbians dress like men. These are three of the most common lesbian stereotypes that won’t die. The first stereotype that is listed is the most popular one of them all. This lesbian stereotype will never die due to the fact that society is fixed on the typical heterosexual couple. Which consists of a man and a woman. Society believes that no matter the sexuality of a couple one partner should have to play the role of the “man” and the other should play the role of the “woman”. These types of lesbians would be associated with the terms butch (masculine) and femme (feminine). In all reality a butch can be with a butch, femme with a femme or any of the other gender identities in between. Next, the second stereotype is one that I personally despise, “Lesbian sex doesn’t count as real sex.” Society assumes lesbian sex doesn’t count as real sex because there isn’t a penis involved. Lesbians do not need a penis to have penetrative sex. Lesbians use many other methods of penetration that society is not used to due to the common experience of heterosexual genital intercourse. Lastly, the third stereotype is yet another popular one. All lesbians do not dress like men, although some prefer to others don’t. This stereotype also connects to the terms butch and femme. Butches are lesbians who are more comfortable wearing men’s clothing and femmes are lesbians who wear dresses and make-up. With society excluding lesbians and gays from the real world by associating these stereotypes with every lesbian alive takes away from seeing then different varieties of lesbians in the gay community.



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