Publishing a Post

After you have chosen your content and written your post, you will need to post your content to our digital platform, Sites @ PSU. The following is a step-by-step guide to publishing a post.

1. Because you are already on this website, you are already looking at a page created with Sites @ PSU. In the upper left, click on the “Log In” and enter your Penn State user name and password.

2. In the upper left, hover over the “My Sites” and then hover over “Queer Culture Collection,” the name of our course site. Click on “Dashboard,” which will appear on the right.

3. On the dashboard page, on the vertical menu on the left, click on the “Posts” button toward the top of the menu. Then click on “Add New,” located next to the title on the “Posts” screen.

4. On the “New Post” screen, enter a title for your post that names your artifact.

5. Below the title, click on the “Add Media” button to upload your visual component. When the “Add Media” screen comes up, you can either click on “Upload Files” > “Select a File” to upload a file from your hard drive, or you can “Insert a URL” of an image or video clip. You can insert the media anywhere in your post.

6. In the main box, enter the text of your post. Use as many of the formatting tools that you need to make the post look quality.

7. On the right, there are two boxes for “Category” and “Tag.” Choose at least one category (or contact me about creating a new category) and include as many tags as you would like. I suggest around five tags per post.

8. Find the blue “Publish” button on the right menu, and make sure that your “Visibility” is set to “Public” or “Password Protected,” and your “Publish” is set to “Immediately.”

9. To ensure that your post was published, navigate to the website and check under “New Entries.” It should be posted there. If you don’t see it there, I won’t be able to see it either, so make sure to retrace your steps. Once successfully posted, I will move them to their permanent locations based on your choice of category.

If you have other additional questions, you might try finding the answer on the Support page for Sites @ PSU.