Apps like Grinder and Jack’d are gay apps that allow hookups to be easier. I will be focusing on the app called Jack’d throughout my post. I hope to show the connection between the increase in STI rates and how these apps aid in that increase. According to a news report by CNN syphilis grew by 79%, HIV infections grew by 33%, and gonorrhea also has increased by 30%. Rhode Island Department of Health has put the blame on these types of apps.

JAck’d is a app that allows you to connect with other gay guys for hookups. The app also allows individuals to make friends and build connections. Jack’d shows you how far or close you are to each other as well. With this app you also have to create a profile where people can read about you and see pictures.Rhode Islands Department of Health has also said that gay men dating through these apps are at higher risk for chlamydia and gonorrhea. A quote by Whitney Engeran saying that “Mobile dating apps are rapidly altering the sexual landscape by making casual sex as easily available as ordering a pizza.” I believe that with sex being so easily accessible it makes it easier to contract a STI. Even though the profiles are created to allow people to learn about their interest, not all users are honest. This causes people to trust people on these apps and have unprotected sex and contract these STI’s.jackdAppIcon-2x




The Modern Family Effect


Modern Family is a T.V. show that first aired on September 23, 2009. In this television show you have several couples that show the different types of families in today’s society. In this post I will use the show “The Modern family” to display how society is coming around to accepting gay couples and also showing how they can be functional families. I would also like to highlight the fact that the show is trying to get society to understand that gay couples can bend and make their own rules. The show further displays different parenting techniques and gender role conflicts. Focusing on what functional is I can show how all of these components can leave a positive connotation on gay families around the world. Functional is having or serving a utilitarian purpose; capable of serving the purpose for which it was designed.

Mitchell and Cameron are the nontraditional couple. Jay which is the father of Mitchell is married to a Latino wife named Gloria which is a representation of interracial couples. Claire who is the daughter of Jay is married to Phil which is an example of a traditional couple.

Mitchell and Cameron are two of my favorite character on the show. They are representing gay couples around the world in a sense. With the T.V. show they bring some important gender role issues to the fore front as well. In a particular episode Cameron and Mitchell take their adopted child to day care where they have to play a game with other parents. Not only did they feel uncomfortable, they tried to pretend that they were straight. Cameron and Mitchell noticed how all the other children were progressing while their parents were there but their child was a little behind in some of her motor skills. They felt that they didn’t have the motherly skills they needed to help their child succeed. Despite them not having that “motherly touch”  by the end of the episode they proved to still operate perfectly and make up for what they lack in. The love that they show towards each other and their child is powerful and they still do some of the the things normal couples do.

Beyonce’s relationship with the LGBTQ community



Beyonce is a global superstar who is highly respected in not only the music industry, but every where around the globe. She manages to relate to many different races, genders, ethnicities, and religious backgrounds. The 20 time Grammy winner has been deemed the best entertainer of our generation. Even while she is riding high off of her success she still manages to surprise people with more creative and artistic music and performances.

In 2015 Beyonce’ performed for a festival over the summer called “Made in America” where she performed a magical show. Before her performance of “Diva” one of her hit tracks off of her 3rd solo album “I Am Saha Fierce” she played a snippet from Ronda Rousey’s “Do Nothing bitch” speech. In the speech she speaks on how “just because her body was developed for a purpose other than fucking millionaires it doesn’t mean it’s masculine”. Beyonce’ wants to push the boundaries of what is feminine or masculine. The LGBTQ community looks up to Beyonce’ as a icon and some will say even a legend. Lavern Coxx has spoke on how Beyonce’ lifts and empowers women all around the world. She has the ability to bring us together more because of her talents and creativity. The Halo singer has also shown her gratitude towards marriage equality by dressing in all rainbow color clothing dancing around the her hit song “7/11”. In the speech by Ronda her claims will make you reconsider what really is masculine or feminine or if there are any boundaries at all. In the article “masculinity without Men” it states that people trust in the idea of what masculine is now and people don’t really know. With Beyonce’ she try’s to get people to see that being female doesn’t mean you can’t be muscular in the body or extremely successful. Women that are transmen in particular can relate to the idea of being more muscular. Even though Beyonce’ dances in her leotards she defies the norms of what is deemed a typical women or typical feminist. Through her performances she shows the LGBTQ community how to defy the laws of what is masculine or feminine or right or wrong and to be you for you.

While Beyonce’ is a actual women her performances speaks volumes to so many across the world. The LGBTQ community lives for her strong anthems and powerful messages that promotes good thoughts and breaks social norms. Beyonce’ has been looked at as the “it” women where she is the new standard. By her using her power for good it sets her apart from artist who might not be as involved. Helping the LGBTQ community be more confident will help shine more light on topics of transgenders, gays and lesbians which will show we are all one of a kind. I believe that she is a wonderful voice through her messages in the LGBTQ community.