After Sex (2007)



After Sex is both a comedy and a drama film that discusses eight couples and their behavior after engaging in sex with one another. The film was released in 2007. Although I will analyze some of the scenes, I chose to focus on one scene in particular which involves Mila Kunis and Zoe Saldana.

In the movie after sex their isn’t one specific setting for the entire movie, being that the film focuses on eight entirely different couples. For those of you who have not seen the movie. Most of the couples in the film are in some type of bedroom or bed when their situation occurs. The movie starts of with the first couple by the name of Leslie and Christopher. In the film it comes off as if the couple aren’t really together, but there just friends with benefits. Everything is okay until Christopher makes a comment on how he wants Leslie to come out and say how much she loves him. But Leslie feels as though Christopher wants her to say how much she loves him, so that he can say how much he loves her. Simply Because he is frightened by what her reaction might be. But that might be a problem that Christopher needs to work on.

Then we have our second couple by the name of Jay and Freddy too gay men, that have sex. After Jay decides that since he has never had sex with a guy until then that he is not gay. Well, doesn’t want to believe that he is gay, because is he scared of what the people around him might think. So Freddy goes into making him(Jay) understand that he used to be just like him, even went on to tell Jay that he attempted to kill himself when he was younger because he could never fit in he was often bullied. Only then Jay realizes that he might be gay but doesn’t know what exactly to do about it.

Now we have too females by the name of Nikki and Kat. Nikki allows Kat to perform Oral sex on her often but has yet to admit to being gay. She often tells Kat not to catch feelings for her because she doesn’t have time for that. Simply because she likes boys, And Kat then tells Nikki that she is also not gay but Nikki doesn’t believe her. Towards the end of the scene Nikki gets Kat to admit that she is gay for the first time. Kat goes on to say that she has no problem with being gay as long as her parents doesn’t find out. But during a scene in the library when Nikki ask Kat the question of how does she taste? you can see that there is a possibility that Nikki might be a little bisexual or even gay by the way there looking at each other.

I feel as though several scenes in the movie After Sex could be related to Chauncey’s “Gay New York” . Due to the fact that most people in the gay community was once looked at, as disgusting. But the fact that everyone is able to come to together and prove to the world or the society we live in. That we are humans with feelings, and that we are just different from what most people consider normal. Doesn’t mean we have to be looked at as shameful. In Gay New York  we see that they continue to live their lives regardless of how people view them.