Archive of Our Own

Archive of Our Own, or AO3 as it is know by its users, is a website that allows fans from all cultures, places, and fandoms post their creative works for all users to enjoy. This website is fan-created and run by a non-profit organization called Organization for Transformative Works, where they work to legitimize all fan works over many media.

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(symbol associated with AO3 from their website)

AO3 is a safe space for all writes and readers alike to share their works and enjoy outside the world or normative culture. This space allows everyone on it to express and explore feelings and situations they may never experience in the real world. This website contains fan fiction, or fics, that mainly consist of male/male or female/female pairings participating in any and all alternate universes, AUs, and any sex act truly imaginable. AO3 houses fics from all TV shows, movies, bands, anime, book, celebrities, ect with all the writers writing to their specific fandom. The writers on this site play out stories of fictional characters that have their own storyline, and change it by making them do whatever the author wants them to in order to explore things that cannot happen in the real world for that person. The amazing part of this website is that the only way one knows about it, is if you are involved in a fandom and like to read fics based on your favorite characters in that specific fandom; it is every fans little secret.

The website has a tagging system, that helps organize and give warning to anything that is to come in all the fics on the website. Thus making it easier to find, or steer clear of, a specific topic that is happening in a fic. This tagging system helped me find two fics to look at more closely.

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(Tagging system found on AO3 to organize and heed warring as to what is to come in the fic)

The first work is called Misbehaving For Days by secondstar for the Teen Wolf fandom. The biggest pairing of characters in this fandom is that of Derek Hale and Stiles Stilinski and this fic is set in the AU that contains werewolves.

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(Left: Actor Dylan O’Brian who plays Stiles Stilinski on Teen wolf)

(Right: Actor Tyler Hoechlin who pays Derek Hale on Teen wolf)

This fic also contains heavy aspects of BDSM, which was the main reason for including it. This story follows the show Teen Wolf, only slightly because the same characters that are involved in the show are present and there are still werewolves, other then that the fic is different.

As Sigmund Freud stated in his work Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality, that a perversion are sexual activities that extend past the anatomical sense. Thus meaning that the only sexual activity that is a true sex act involves only the body parts that are made specifically for copulation. So in essence, the fact that two men are having intercourse falls under the category of a perversion based by Freud.

Another example of a perversion based on Freud’d definition is in the second chapter of this fic, where Stiles fucks Derek’s mouth until it lead to his orgasm. This would not count as a sexual activity, because even though one character comes to a climax, a mouth, which falls outside the category of a sex act, brought it about.

In the sequel of this fic called, Already on My Knees by secondstar, there are heavier aspects of BDSM found as compared to its previous fic. There is a scene in the third chapter of this fic, were Derek beats the shit out of Stiles’s ass and thighs because he needed some time where he did not have to think at all. The pain that Stiles felt during that was not a bad kind of pain, it was a pleasurable pain that he got off on. Thus making it clearly apparent that Stiles falls under the category of a masochist. In Freud’s work, he considers this to be the most common and significant perversion found in our world.  There are may other examples throughout these two stories that are great examples to compare against Freud and his work, but these are just a few.


(Disclaimer **** All rights reserved to the writer of the fic used and I do not own any rights the characters used in the fic or TV show)