Dr. Doe’s Sexplanations

Dr. Lindsey Doe is a clinical sexologist who hosts the Youtube channel Sexplanations. Sexplanations co-created by Dr. Doe and Hank Green from the Vlogbrothers, a Youtube channel run by Hank and his brother John Green, to provide free sex education to the public. The first video titled “Meet Lindsey Doe!” went live on June 10th, 2013; since then there have been 63 total episodes of Sexplenations uploaded to Youtube. All of which discuse diffrent topecs of sex, sexuality, and gender. Sexplanations is crowd funded by its viewers and has a subscription count of 170,133 users.

Dr. Doe is all about being sex positive and educating people of safe, consensual ways to enjoy their bodies while also educating them about their bodies. This is a value she shares with the GSRM community, which also values consent, sex positivity, and sex education. Dr. Doe sees a lack of education in the public school systems in sex education and is using the platform of Youtube to educate the public about sex and their bodies. Not only does Sexplanations benefit normative individuals but also benefit those in the GSRM and Kink communities by provided information for all individuals. Dr. Doe also keeps her channel open to everyone by using inclusive non-heteronormative and non-cisnormative language. Sexplanations also makes efforts to education people not only about normative heterosexual sex but also other forms of sex and sexual, romantic, and gender identities.

In Sexplanations Dr. Doe treats sex as a normal activity that is done in many different ways by many different people. This relates to how sex is seen as taboo in heterosexual circles, which we talked about at the start of this unit. By normalizing her language in regard to sex Dr. Doe is normalizing sexual activity and attempting to erase this taboo. In the process she is also normalizing all the different kinds of sex people have, from masturbation to sex with one partner of the same sex to BDSM. Dr. Doe goes even farther in her discussion of sex by also normalizing education of the body and teaches her audience about their bodies without shame or withholding information. In addition to normalizing a subject our society normally views as taboo Dr. Doe is also providing an education to a wide audience as her videos have no age restriction and can be viewed by anyone with an internet connection. This allows people of all ages to educate themselves about sex and their bodies from an early age. The lack of availability of sex education for young people is one of the many problems we talked about in class. Sexplanations offers an alternative way for people to educate themselves on sex outside of the public education system and their parents.

Making an IMPACT on Sex Education

Leading the conversation in sexual education and health.

Sex education, and the lack thereof, is a highly scrutinized topic in America’s educational systems. Some school systems avoid the topic altogether, others focus on the purely biological aspect of sex, and the rest simply preach abstinence. The lack of education constitutes a curiosity among the younger generation as they search for knowledge that cannot be provided to them elsewhere. According to Gayle Rubin’s Notes for a Radical Theory of the Politics of Sexuality, “sexually active young people are frequently incarcerated in juvenile homes, or otherwise punished for their ‘precocity.'” As the younger generation takes education into their own hands, unsafe sex is a likely result.

Aside from a lack of heterosexual sex education, homosexual sex education is practically nonexistent. Thanks to the efforts of Northwestern University, however, a program was created in order to give LGBT youth a place to seek information. The IMPACT Program seeks to “improve the health of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community and to increase understanding of the development of sexual orientation and gender identity.” The IMPACT Program studies, in both adolescents and young adults, the resiliency, sexual health, mental health, and substance use. With their findings, IMPACT provides information about the sexual and mental well being of members of the LGBT community. Established in 2009 by Dr. David Cella, the program is housed in the Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, based in the Department of Medical Social Sciences. According to IMPACT’s website, “in 2013, IMPACT began hosting the nation’s first clinical psychology internship track focused on LGBT health, to lead the way in training future leaders in culturally competent health research, education, and clinical care.” An introduction to the IMPACT Program can be watched here:

Found on the IMPACT Program’s website is a space specifically designed for all things Sexual Education related. There are videos and articles posted on IMPACT’s blog that helps provide sexual health education and information for all individuals. The IMPACT Program also has their own channel on Vimeo, a website for housing collections of videos, which features all of the videos that can be found on their blog. These blog posts and videos provide information for specific gender identities, as well as general sexual health information important for all sexually active youth to know.

There are videos designed for each facet of the LGBT spectrum. For example, there are videos for males, such as “How do you use a condom the right way?”

On a more personal note, it is astonishing to me that a video such as the one above was created by the IMPACT Program, which is intended for those of the LGBT community. This is firsthand knowledge that any sexually active male should have, in order so that he can practice safe sex. This video makes it clear that the IMPACT Program recognizes that this information, even something as seemingly simple as using a condom, is important for all males to know – not even just gay males. So, the question is posed – why isn’t this video shown in school when discussing safe sex and condoms? This video is a great example of the type of education that should be presented to all youth during sex education.

Of course, there are videos for females, as well. This “Women’s Sexual Health” video demonstrates ways to protect yourself during sex, regardless of your partner’s gender. There are also videos about HIV and AIDS Awareness, Transgender Individuals, and Oral Sex. Needless to say, there is a video for everyone.

The IMPACT Program is starting the conversation that should have already been started. Although IMPACT focuses on LGBT individuals, it makes the point of producing and sharing useful information for all sexually active individuals, regardless of gender or sexual identity. Because of the open-minded nature of the LGBT community, their sexual education program includes information for all individuals. While it might be a nightmare to some, the truth is that the LGBT community is paving the way for proper sexual education for everyone.