San Diego LBGT Pride

san diego LBGT Pride

The San Diego LBGT Pride is an organization that was founded in 1974. Initially the organization began as a sponsored program for The Center for Social Services. The original Social Services Center was founded by a group of gay men in San Diego out of a house located at 2250 B Street. By June of 1974, a gay pride event was hosted by the Center. The group organized a potluck dinner and a yard sale that was followed by an informal parade to Balboa Park in San Diego and back. The reason the parade was informal was due to the lack of a city permit forcing marchers to walk on the sidewalk. The following year (1985) the organization was able to obtain a permit and has held the parade every year since.

In 1982, the first Great Gay Music Festival was held in the Golden Hall in the Community Concourse in San Diego. Being the first of its kind, performances included many acts like the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles and the Great American Yankee Freedom Bank of Los Angeles. Funds raised from the Music Festival supports the San Diego Pride’s community philanthropy.LBGT

I chose this artifact to be included in our digital archive because it exemplifies queer culture to the fullest extent. The organization is run on one mission and that is

“Fostering pride in and respect for all lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities, locally, nationally, and globally.”

The San Diego LBGT Pride was founded by a group of gay men and is supported by the LBGT community. The group as a whole has one vision and that is to have “A world free of prejudice and bias.” They were the first to have a music festival solely focused on the acceptance of homosexuality. Today, they are now an organization that has an annual music festival, block party, rally, parade, and other various events. At the bottom of their website they state

“Everyone with an open heart and open mind is welcome to the San Diego Pride Music Festival!”

As an organization they have raised and distributed over $2 Million towards initiatives to improve the LBGT community and philanthropic work.

As well as events, they also urge individuals to raise awareness of the LBGT community. On their website they have a section titled “Activism and Awareness Programs” and there, multiple initiatives are listed and described. One example is during the month of July they encourage businesses and corporations countrywide to fly the Pride Flag.

This artifact relates to the concepts of our units in gender, sex, history, and the contemporary. The San Diego LBGT Pride organization allows and promotes the idea of expressing who you are and the sexuality you chose to embrace. They are not discriminatory of gender or race and encourage only individuals who are accepting of everyone to join them in their celebrations.  In an excerpt written by Les Feinberg it was stated that “each person should have the right to choose between pink or blue”.  The San Diego LBGT Pride organization does just that. They welcome individuals into their community and allow them to choose what gender they would like to be and whom they want to love without being judgmental. It took multiple decades for this organization to achieve what they have and be in the position they stand currently, but because of their strong background and history and persistent attitude to build an environment on equal rights, they have inspired and changed the lives of thousands of individuals who at one point did not feel accepted.  The LBGT community is still widely unaccepted and misjudged, but more now than ever in history individuals and organizations continue to raise awareness and try to help the misunderstood become more widely accepted and understood. parade


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