Willow the “Slayer”

Most kids from the 90’s probably remember their favorite show being Catdog or All-that but I have to say that my all-time favorite is definitely Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It was a television show created by Joss Whedon and it lasted from 1997 until 2003. The show is mainly centered around the main character Buffy who is a vampire slayer. Her two best friends, Xander and Willow, help Buffy fight the vampires and deal with everyday teenage drama. In the first 2 seasons, Willow is a normal heterosexual nerdy girl in high school. She dates this man, Oz, who is a werewolf. He breaks up with Willow in college after feeling the need to get away and learn how to control his werewolf powers. While he is gone, Willow gets interested in witchcraft and joins the Wicca club on her campus. The club doesn’t want to practice actual magic but she meets a women in the club, Tara, that wants to practice magic just like Willow. The two get super close because of their similar interest and begin dating.

I chose this television show for the project because, even though it is fictional, the characters are very relatable and it was the first exposure that I ever had to queer culture. It represents queer culture by telling a story that is often not mentioned, especially in the 90’s. When it comes to sexuality, people tend to only think about homosexuality but forget about bisexuality or they just don’t take it seriously. Willow represents bisexuality and she does it in a positive light. Willow dated Oz and they had a good relationship. She honestly loved him and wanted to be with him forever so when he broke up with her she was beyond heartbroken. She then met a women with the same common interests as her and therefore fell in love with Tara. This showed that how bisexuality is a real thing and that bisexual people truly can be in functional, loving, caring, relationships. Since this could have been some people’s first exposure to queer culture, as it had been for me, it is important that it left a good representation.

In class we read Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence. The reading mentioned how our world looks at women. We believe that women are innately attracted to men and that women’s heterosexuality is not questioned. It was also mentioned in the reading that all people would be bisexual if they were not forced into categories. Willow perfectly disproves that women’s heterosexuality is not questioned and proves that people would be bisexual if they aren’t forced to be heterosexual. Willow was attracted to a man but her heterosexuality was questioned when she started having feelings towards Tara. Willow didn’t let society influence who she can love so she fell in love with a women which demonstrates that when she didn’t let the world influence her sexuality, she was truly bisexual.