Museum of Sex (MoSex)

Museum of Sex Store“Museum of Sex Store”

The Museum of Sex (MoSex), located in New York City is a relatively new establishment that opened in 2002. The museum has many guided and guest curators that make up an advisory board and contribute research resources, collections and relevant artists to the establishment. The goal of the museum is to maintain and showcase the history and evolution of human sexuality and its cultural significance. The museum features exhibitions, publications and programs that highlight sex and sexuality to a wide range of audiences and aims to enlighten, spark conversation and engage the public. The institution serves as a museum, sex store and restaurant/bar making a visit to the 5th avenue location extremely diverse and holistic. Patrons come for the fun, educational experience where you can learn about all things sex and leave (hopefully) with a buzz from a Sex on the Beach and and a buzzing pink sex toy.

 Funland “Funland”

In terms of queer culture, this artifact is important because it gives the opportunity for discourse and education on sexuality. When sexuality is kept taboo, conversations are hindered and education is limited which creates confusion, lack of answers and lack of resources for anyone exploring their sexuality, most often the queer community. This artifact takes sexuality, a usually unspoken entity, and turns it into an opportunity for education. When I personally visited the museum, there were many examples of homosexuality displayed. An entire exhibit was dedicated to animal sexuality and contained examples of homosexuality in the animal world. Aside from just queer sexuality, it encompasses exhibits on all things sexual and attempts to normalize sexuality in society through education and discussion. An artifact like this is important for the queer community because it legitimizes the concept of non-normative sexuality through exhibits and art that strives to preserve sexually relevant information. Without knowledge, it is impossible for individuals to grow. Having a museum dedicated to the preservation of sexual knowledge can only further grow our society and continue the acceptance of new information and concepts related to sexuality.

Animal Sexuality“Animal Sexuality”

In class, especially in the unit on sex, we have discussed all things sexual, perverse, hetero and homosexual, normal, abnormal and beyond. This course and this unit is extremely educational and sexually liberating through eliminating “politically correctness” and “appropriation” in societies terms. We talk about sex, jizz, fetishism and sexuality in an open and honest forum. This completely mirrors the experience that the Museum of Sex provides to its audiences. It displays beautiful, historical, cringeworthy concepts of sexuality and everything in between in an educational institution. The work we discuss in class is just as informational, bizarre and erotic as the exhibits featured in the Museum of Sex. It inevitably relates to sexuality but whole heartedly relates to our class because of the content of both educational experiences. This institution greatly contributes to our archive as a resource of LGBTA representation through its material, mission and successful conservation of sexual and queer knowledge.

Linda Lovelace“Linda Lovelace, first pornstar”