Consent is [Mandatory]


The “Consent is Sexy” campaign is a sexual rights awareness campaign that targets high schools, colleges, and universities. It promotes not only the awareness of consent, but safe sex, responsibility, and gender equality in relationships. It tries to counter relationship abuse, sexual assault, rape, gender discrimination, and homophobia.  There is more than one focus of this campaign—while it does have to do with getting consent; it also has to do with granting consent. It also has to do with sexual abuse, domestic abuse, rape, and protection. This campaign is so open to everyone and one of the ways that it does combat homophobia is by including them and their needs into this campaign.


While this campaign can be seen as geared more towards straight men on college campuses, this campaign is geared toward gay and straight men as well as gay and straight women. The sex education that we receive is horrid, but the fact that a lot of these campaigns fail to include the LGBT+ community does not help matters. This campaign is sex-positive and doesn’t encourage anyone not to have sex; rather it encourages those who want to have sex to make sure that that they have their partner’s consent. Rather than placing blame, this campaign contributes to sexual health and positive emotional wellbeing of everyone involved and offers focus on benefits and risks of sex.  This campaign strives for equality and recognizes the right to respect and consent for both sexes. On the other hand, because straight are such a large demographic for this campaign, this campaign doesn’t demonize men either. It avoids focus on men as the only gender capable of sexual abuse and instead, it demonstrates that men can also be abused and women can also be capable of sexual abuse.



Though this campaign is so important in what they promote and what they believe, there have been complaints and problems with the eroticization of consent. So why eroticize it? It’s important to remember the demographic of this campaign and to remember that that is not all they are promoting. The “Consent is Sexy” hook, I think, is to grab attention and pull people in to see what it is all about. This campaign is geared to those in high school and college. I think that, yes, consent is a basic human right and not something should have to be eroticized to be followed, sometimes that’s a step that has to be taken to get the point across. This campaign helps people to realize that not only should people be asking for consent, but people do not have to consent if they are not ready.



One of the things that they also focus on is being safe after consent has been given.  They stress that consent is just one step to having safe sex. Condoms and other forms of safe sex are important, but more than that, respect for your partner is important as well. One of the examples that they use is HIV, and though this is not something super typical for straight couples, it is a big thing in the gay community and the inclusion of that is important. Overall, this entire campaign, though perceived as set for straight couples, believes in equality for both sexes and for people in the LGBT+ community. Consent can be sexy, yes, but it consent is and always will be MANDATORY.

Intimate LGBT Couple vs Spontaneous Gay Sex

There is no difference between two women being in love, two men being in love and a man and woman being in love. It is all love. Every couple has their flaws, fights, break ups, make ups, and struggles. LGBT couples are just two ordinary people in love. Some studies say that gay sex is more spontaneous than sex between one man and one woman. Humans were meant to be hunters and gathers. Everyone should be happy and be able to love who they love and have sex with their partner no matter what other people say.

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 3.00.53 PM

This is a Russian lesbian couple that was followed by a documentary photographer for almost four years. But in Russia their relationship is being seen as perversion. In 2013 in Russia it was illegal to hold gay pride events and same-sex relationships were not as equal as straight relationships were. LGBT couples should not have to be treated this way, they are people just like everyone else is. Straight sex is publicized why can’t LGBT sex. Lesbians and gays are just as intimate as straight people are.An intimate evening together. Both Lyudmila and Natasha have no financial stability - they move at least twice a year, often living out of boxes for weeks.

Sex can be extremely important to a relationship. According to a study done in Australia, spontaneous is an important part of sexual chemistry. Don’t be afraid to affirm to your partner that they are sexy or beautiful. This will increase the intimacy and bond between you and your partner. Most men have inherited a trait for hunting. They can use this trait to find their partners that play hard to get. Gay men like to play hard to get when it comes to sex. They let the tension build between them which then causes the urge to hunt or pounce on your partner. This then leads to either spontaneous oral sex or penetration. Gay men also attract their partner by wearing sexy clothing or underwear while doing things around the house like cooking or cleaning. This will cause a sexual attraction and more than likely lead to sex. Trying different things can be a good change with sex every once in a while. Having sex in new places can be surprising yet exciting. Sex is not only meant for one man and one woman couples but it is also meant for two men or two women couples too.


In conclusion every couple who is willing to have sex together no matter if its two men, two women, or one man and one woman should be allowed to no matter what its their lives and their choices. I would also say that gay love and straight love are the same kind of love. Every body should have their choice of who they want to be in love with and who they want to have sex with. Lesbian couples and gays couples can have very intimate relationships. Intimacy can lead to a spontaneous sexual chemistry. All couples are the same we are all people nobody is perfect we all have our own flaws, we fight, we love, we break up, we kiss and make up. Love is love and sex is sex.It’s not gay love and gay sex it” just love and sex there is no difference we are all humans no matter who we love or who we have sex with.


Yanis Marshall


24 year old, Yanis Marshall became a sensation after a video titled “Spice Girls” went viral on Youtube on June 30th of 2013. But it was not the nature of the song that made him famous; it was his dance moves in several pairs of nine-inch heels. The video features the now famous Parisian choreographer, Yanis Marshall, fiercely dancing all over parts of Paris.

Yanis is originally from Vallauris, near Cannes. He is currently a choreaographer, teacher and dancer and has been dancing since an early age. At the age of eleven, with the help of his mother who was a director of a dance association, he passed the auditions for the Dance School called Rosella Hightower. It is here that Yanis began to train in Ballet, Contemporary, and Jazz.

Despite his artistic ability and love for dance, in an interview with Great Rhys Alexander, Yanis claimed to leave for Paris France in search of independence from modern contemporary dance.

At the age of 19, he left to New York City where he experienced his first class of a style of dance called Street Jazz, with Sheryl Murakami. She is an artist that he claims “gave him a wake up call” and continues to inspire him till the day. After years of unhappiness in many different styles of dance, Yanis found a home in the style of Street Jazz.

Much like Voguing, Street Jazz roots from stricter dance styles. It evolved from informal settings like nightclubs, schools and on the street. Street jazz dance was inspired by traditional dance performed outside of professional studios.Jazz dance, modern hip hop and funk make up this style of dance. Elements of the rigid robotic movements, the marked spins often found in breakdancing and the fluid movements of hip hop, like in Sheryl Murakami’s music video below, are key components of the Street Jazz dance.

As for the heels. Whenever Yanis is asked why he dances in heels his response is famously always “why not?” Despite the humor in his response, one thing is certain, men dancing in heels or simply wearing heels is not a first.

Men originally wore high- heeled shoes. As early as the 10th century, men wearing high heels became a trend amongst the upper class. At the time, high-heeled shoes were not a signifier of gender. It was not until the 18th century that men discontinued the trend and the high-heeled shoe was soon after established as a ladies shoe. Ever since then, high heels on men have not made a comeback.

The long standing societal acceptance that high heels are only for women are what have made seeing dancers like Yanis Marshall famous. He is an excellent advocate of the “social evolution” we speak of today. He can “werk” those heels better than most women can walk in them but unfortunately the world has long been a witness to the slow but sure consistency of gender binding norms.

Yanis says heels are his speciality. Since a young age he loved to wear his mothers heels. Dancing in heels for Yanis makes him different, and he admits to not being shy one bit about his heels nor the fact he is gay.

“Just be you and if people don’t like it, well F*ck Them”

But despite the use of heels whenever he dances, Yanis is not transgender nor seeks to become a women.The use of heels for men to dance in is simply sexy and artistic to Yanis and he encourages both men and women, straight or gay to dance in heels whenever he teaches a class.  He also has no plans to label men dancing in heels any sort of style of dancing because he hates labels or boxes.