1972: “Mrs. Club”

1972: The “Mrs. Club” Becomes the “Women’s Club”

Married female students created the “Mrs. Club” to provide recreational and social activities for the wives on campus, like Bingo nights, and to sponsor social and charitable events. At its inaugural meeting in fall 1971, the main discussion topic was changing the group’s name from “Mrs. Club” to “Women’s Club” so that its membership would also include single women.

The club proposed the name change to the Student Government Association (SGA), which approved the change in January 1972. By February of 1972, the club had announced to the campus via multiple publications that any woman could join.

The club was short lived, however. In fall 1973, the finance committee of the SGA recalled the group’s funds due to lack of activity in the preceding academic year.

The “Returning Women’s Club” made a resurgence in 1976.

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