1974: Dr. Verma and Dr. Starkey Pave Way for New Child Development Center

1974: Dr. Sureshrani Verma and Dr. Kathryn T. Starkey Pave Way for New Child Development Center

Throughout 1972 and 1973, Dr. Kathryn T. Starkey, Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology, conducted surveys of local families to determine the need for a childcare center in the community.   With the support of Dr. George Wolf and Dr. Stanley Miller, the head of the Capitol Campus Education Program, Starkey negotiated with local and state officials to establish the childhood development program at the Capitol Campus.  In February of 1974, the Capitol Campus Child Development Center opened, under the direction of Dr. Sureshrani Verma.

The new Childhood Development Center’s preschool program enhanced the education of Capitol Campus students specializing in Early Childhood Development, while providing childcare services to families in the local community.   By the end of 1974, the Center enrolled 30 children between the ages of 3 and 5.


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