1982: Volleyball

1982: Volleyball Became the Second Intercollegiate Sport for Women

Co-ed and women’s volleyball were popular club sports at Capitol Campus throughout the 1970s, so the recreation department started recruiting for an intercollegiate varsity women’s volleyball team in 1980.

The first attempt at an intercollegiate women’s volleyball team failed from lack of interest, possibly because it was a greater time commitment than a club sport, and many of Capitol Campus’ students were older with families and full-time jobs.

The recreation department was persistent, however, and recruited a team of eight students for the first intercollegiate volleyball season in 1982. Mike Doll, a 1980 Capitol Campus graduate and active member of the US Volleyball Association, became the team’s first coach. One of the team’s star players, Yvonne Harhigh became the team’s assistant coach for the team’s second year, after she graduated.

Volleyball is one of seven intercollegiate women’s sports at Penn State Harrisburg today.

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