1990: TWIN Awards

1990: Leventhal and O’Hara Receive Awards from TWIN


Ruth Leventhal, provost and dean and professor of biology, and Peggy O’Hara, director of student affairs, receive awards from TWIN, Tribute to Women in Industry. The mission of TWIN, which was founded in New Jersey in 1975, “is to honor women who have excelled in their fields and made significant contributions to industry in executive, managerial, and professional roles.” YWCA now operates TWIN as an “international awards program.”

Leventhal and O’Hara were recognized by TWIN for their contributions to the college and the community. Leventhal served as provost and dean from 1984 to 1994. O’Hara joined the Capitol Campus in 1973 as a financial aid counselor. O’Hara previously served as Director of Financial Aid and Career Planning at Chatham College in Pittsburgh. In 1975  O’Hara joined the staff of the Placement Center as a specialist in Career Planning and Placement. In 1988 O’Hara was named Director of Student Affairs after serving as Coordinator of Career Services and Assistant Director of Student Activities. As Director of Student Affairs, O’Hara was charged with supervising and assisting each branch of Student Affairs, which included residence living, health services, career counseling, athletics, financial aid, and support services. O’Hara believed “the role of Student Affairs is of student advocacy” and she sought to “help evaluate student organizations to make sure they are getting and doing all that they can for the students.” O’Hara retired in June 1991.

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