1999: Barbara Roy

1999 Barbara Roy Received Alumni Society Graduating Senior Award

Barbara Roy was an active participant at Penn State Harrisburg  while she was an undergraduate in communications, so it’s no wonder that she won the Penn State Harrisburg Alumni Society Graduating Senior Award, reserved for a student who displayed academic and social leadership on campus.

As an undergraduate, Roy was a writer and layout editor for the Capital Times student newspaper, the SGA Public Relations Officer, Chair of the PR committee, and part of the Tarnhelm Literary Journal staff. During this time, she was also married with two daughters and managed to earn a spot on the dean’s list.

In March 1999, she organized the Coyle School of Irish Dance lecture and demonstration in the Gallery Lounge. Roy, who was a second-year student of the dance school, her daughter Liana, and two other students from the dance school performed dance demonstrations during the event.

After graduating in December 1999 with a B.S. in communications, she immediately began earning credits towards her M.A. in humanities the next year.

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