2000: Dr. Hanes

2000 Dr. Madlyn L. Hanes Named Penn State Harrisburg Provost and Dean

On January 21, 2000, the Penn State administration appointed Dr. Madlyn L. Hanes as the new provost and dean, a title later changed to chancellor, and she began her appointment on July 1. According to the SGA president, she was the students’ top choice candidate.

At the time of hire, Dr. Hanes was the associate dean of the Graduate School at Penn State Great Valley but was on leave and working as the senior advisor to the chancellor of the University of Georgia System.

Throughout her full decade of service at Penn State Harrisburg, she was well-received by the university community. A source told the Capital Times, “She seems to care genuinely about people, but she expects excellence.”

In 2010, she left her job as chancellor of Penn State Harrisburg to become the vice president of the Commonwealth Campuses, a position she described as the same as being chancellor, except at 19 campuses instead of one.


  • B.A. Education, University of Florida
  • M.A. Speech/Language Pathology, University of Florida
  • Ph.D. Curriculum and Instruction, Language and Reading Education, University of Florida in 1976

Prior Roles

  • Professor of speech pathology, literacy, and teacher education policy at University of South Carolina
  • Joined Penn State (1988) as chief academic officer at the Delaware County campus and kept this position even when accepting the same position at Penn State Great Valley in 1995
  • Associate dean of the Graduate School at Penn State Great Valley

Notable Publications

  • Language and Reading Strategies for Poverty Children (1982)
  • The Developing Teacher (1987)
  • Curriculum guides, book chapters, journal articles, and technical reports on education

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